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  • Letter to parents——Nov.12, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    In this month of classes, we had drawn dolphin, pumpkin, leaves, and panda. We made wonderful artworks on these subjects.  We had an interesting session of drawing pumpkin with a warm discussion of Halloween. Students talked about trick and treat, costumes, how many candies they got in Halloween.  We discussed decoration of Halloween which lead to our drawing topics——pumpkin and spider web.  In addition to drawing pumpkin, which students still used a skill of drawing a circle, we practiced drawing lines to make a subject, that is a spider web.  I taught students to draw long and short lines in specific ways, easily making a beautiful spider web.  They all liked it and did diligent work and made a beautiful web.

    In the class of making leave prints, students learned what printing looks like and how to make it.  Students experienced and practiced to making prints of leaves.  Some students made 4-5 prints of one ginko leaf, very pretty artwork.  At the same time, we draw one or two maple leaves and color them.

    In the classes of drawing dolphin and panda, dolphin and panda are lovely animals, so cute and kid-favorite that students really liked to draw them.

    It is worth mentioning that all students continue to do great work in the class. They focused, worked diligently, and creatively built up their own artistic view of their artworks.

    In a next few classes, we will draw subjects related to coming holidays.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——Oct 7th, 2014

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    Dear parents,

    We have had five classes so far ever since the school started.  We are doing great.  The kids are so focused and working very hard in the class.  So far we mainly drew subjects with a shape of circle.  The kids are getting better and better, and easier and easier to do it.  Roses, balloons and apples all used drawing skill of circle.  When we drew turtle and butterfly, we try to do more detailed structure by drawing more and different sizes of circles.  The kids did very well.  Meanwhile, students are asked to add previously learned subjects to the newly drawing subjects, keeping to memorize what is learned.  For an example, in the class of drawing butterfly, students added roses, flowers and grass in their drawing, to make their artwork like a part of garden, more beautiful.

    Every student in the class truly loves drawing, never felt too much to draw more.  Their coloring skills are advanced, but they tend to prefer to do drawing in the class, and this is why they come to the class. They want to learn how to draw.  Parents should prepare a 3-ring binder for your kid to keep their artwork and coloring material distributed from the class.

    I have updated the page of students’ artworks in my blog. You are all welcome to take a look.  Some kids’ artworks are not posted because they were not  available to take a picture.

    In the coming Sunday, we don’t have a class because of Columbus holiday.  In the coming Saturday 10/11/14, I will be in Newton city hall to do face painting for the Asian festival.  If you have a time, please bring your kids there to have a fun.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents, Sept 6, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    Hope that you all had a wonderful summer vacation.  Now it is time to come back to school to study more.  Next Sunday, Sept 7, is our first class.  I can not wait to see you all.  Our classroom is #103  and our class time is 3:40pm.  For the first 15minutes of the first class,  I will give an overview of the class.  So you are all invited to come to the classroom. If you have questions, please feel free to ask during that time.

    The following things will be required for the class:
    1. A pencil
    2. A pack of crayons, soft, 24 colors
    3.A sketch book

    I am looking forward to seeing you all.


    Michelle Yu, teacher

  • Letter to Parents——June 6th, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    Time goes by so fast that we come to the end of this school year soon.  We only have three more classes. This period is always a challenge time for me to face a fact that all my students whom I have cared, loved, and taught for a year are moving up to a new level of their studies, leaving me behind, though they remember me because some of them came back to visit me.  I am glad to see their growing not only in their bodies, but also in their studies. I wish them the best and come back to visit me. Over the course of this art class, while the students learnt how to draw and color, making a progress in their art study, they also learnt how to be a student in the school.  It is a good exercise for them to get ready for school.

    In the past four sessions, we have drawn eagles, flowers, geese and African bulls.  On May 4th, we drew eagles. The two teaching paintings made by oil pastels containing three or five different postured eagles were introduced, but the students are only required to draw one postured eagle.  On the whiteboard of the classroom, I taught, by demonstration, step-by step, how to draw one postured eagle.  The students followed me very well.  If they have a time after drawing one eagle, they can repeat one more, or two more, or copy one entire teaching painting, depending on how they are motivated.  Some of students’ artworks were exhibited in the school wide art show.

    On May 11, in line with celebrating mother’s day, one session was set up to draw flowers.  The three teaching paintings made in watercolor containing two, four or five lilies with their own leaves were introduced, one of them is required for students to copy.  Meanwhile, on the whiteboard of the classroom, I taught students step by step how to draw five lilies with their own leaves.  Most students followed me very well, and made a nice flower artwork, and wrote “Happy mother’s day” on it.  Most of the students’ artworks have been posted in my blog.

    After this, the following Sunday, May 18,  we drew geese, a gosling.  The teaching painting is a Chinese brush painting containing a mother goose and five little baby geese, forming a gosling.  On the whiteboard of the classroom, I taught students step by step how to draw a mother goose and a baby goose.  Kids did well.  I did not have time to take a picture of their artworks during the class.

    On June 1st, we took a big step further in an attempt to draw a big animal in a three dimensional manner.  The teaching painting made with oil pastels contains two African bulls, very big animals, one facing to me, walking towards me, the other overlapped facing a right side. On the whiteboard, I taught students how to draw, by demonstration, step by step, one bulls facing to me, walking towards me.  The difficulty in technique is to show the entire animal from head to tail all  in one circle.  The body length and shape have to show up in whatever size circle designed.  Three-dimensional animal has to be drawn in a two-dimensional circle.  The students are too young to get a sense of it and did not make a good artwork.  Even though some students did a good drawing, due to missing the real sense, when they color the drawing, they completely destroyed the drawing.  Anyway, it is a good attempt and students got an expose to advanced drawing and coloring.

    Continuing this direction, in combination to students’ opinion to draw a car,
    in the next class, on June 8, we are going to draw two cars.  One car will be drawn in a two dimensional and the other drawn in a three dimensional scale. By comparison, I hope to teach students some sense of drawing 3-D objects.

    As usual, towards the end of this one year course, we may attempt to let students expose to several advanced art areas such as 3-D object drawing and abstract drawing and pattern drawing.  Based on the previous experience, I don’t think that kids will get sense of it, but they will remember it because the older students came back to tell me that they remember they did that before, when they run into the same situation.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, teacher

  • Letter to Parents——May 8th, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    We had a wonderful session last Sunday by drawing and coloring eagles.  After a spring break, every student got taller and stronger.  Drawing skills are elevated, too.  I had collected some good art works from students four or five weeks ago, and now the art works do not look as good as ones students just made in the last Sunday class.  The obvious progress of students’ drawing skills can not be missed with comparison of 5-week old drawing to 1-week old drawing. I happen to have this chance to compare students’ art works at 5-week old and at 1-week old at a parallel level, while I have to choose good art works to prepare displaying boards for the exhibition.  I am happy to see the progress of students’ drawing.

    As I informed you before, all art classes in NCLS will organize an exhibition in Cafeteria on May 11.  By then, our class will show two displaying boards where your kids’ art works are displaying.  The exhibition will run 2-5pm on next Sunday in Cafeteria.  Please do not hesitate to visit the exhibition.  Any feedback is welcome.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——April 7, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    The Spring is here and Easter is here too.  The students continue to make a progress in their drawing last month. Some artworks have been posted in my blog.  We had a wonderful session last Sunday.   After introducing my teaching paintings, I simplified the painting into a few of steps of drawing, and asked students to follow me to do them.  All attending students, 20 ish, did that very well. We drew and colored bunnies as many as students can draw.   After the class, every kid had an Easter egg. I also distributed one page of home work to each student to color.  I looked into the home work folders kids have and found that some students did a lot of free drawing in the last two weeks.  For an example, An-Ping Zhang did 26 pages of free drawings. If the kids like to draw whatever, wherever and whenever, I encourage parents  to support them and to help them maintain their free drawings in the folder.  And the more the student does his/her homework, the better he/she draws in the class.

    All art classes will have an exhibition in the Cafeteria on May 11 and our art class will participate the event, too.  I have been collecting good drawings from students so far.  If you did not see your kids’ artwork, it might be in my collection.

    Next session I will be out of town, and I have asked Xia Ming Lao shi for a substitute teacher.  After the next session, we will have two weeks of the spring break, no Chinese school classes.  We will resume the class in the first Sunday of May.

    It is a long streak of  break, I will miss you all.

    Best Regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——Mar.10, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    We have had five classes so far in this semester.  We did  horse, snowman, hot air balloon, cupcake and panda.  Kids did wonderful artworks,  some of which have already posted in my blog.  They are getting better and better and they are also more and more confident in the classroom. Furthermore, they respond my question more loudly, and more flexibly.  I checked the attendance at the beginning of the class.  I call their names and they have to reply me loudly.  All my old students do that without a problem, but new students have a trouble to do so in the first two classes because they are not confident yet and a little scared.  I encouraged them and now they are all confident.  They responded me loudly and surely.  Their response suggested that they are starting to feel confident in their drawing.

    Due to the fact that this is one year course, we will continue to move forward in the difficulty of drawing.  I hope that students would catch up the home work in the home work folder in addition to the pages I distributed in the classroom. Parents help kids do so and help kids maintain their artworks.

    Next class we will draw penguins.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to parents——Feb 7, 2014

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    Dear Parents,
    Our drawing class is growing, currently 21 students. The students really study very hard, and try their best to show me their ability. They not only show off their mature behavior, they are truly ready for the class every time. They are like a sponge, ready to absorb whatever I provide in the class. While I was introducing and dissecting to the kids in the last class my Chinese brush painting ——万马奔腾,I asked a question “who watched 春晚?” Immediately, half a amount of students raised a hand and screamed “I watched it. ” They not only understand this abbreviated specialized 专有名词,but also they know what it is in the content. I was deeply surprised and moved by these students’ response. 春晚 should have been more than 30 years old in its history, six-seven times more than my students’ age and 春晚culture has become a necessity of most Chinese people in the Chinese new year. This style is flowing into kids’ mind as young as 4 year old and influencing their daily life. I know that these students are young, not even know the words, or how to read and write words 春晚,but 春晚 Chinese culture has rooted in their young body, young mind, young brain and will grow as they grow. For the people who like to do a statistical survey, you may want to check out how many students in the Chinese class in the American high schools would know 春晚。Would you have more than half a amount of people in the class watch 春晚? From this piece of incident, I can clearly tell you how powerful the Chinese school is, how much impact it exerts to our young students and how much it teaches students from young ages.  Of course, your parents are playing a great role, too.

    I have updated the student artwork page in my blog and you are welcome to take a look.  Not all students but a majority of students’ artworks are displayed.  Some drawing and coloring from new students are pretty good.
    Every kids should have a home work folder now and should do at least one page of home work on a weekly basis. I will pass more sometimes in the class. If some students finished all material, they can do free drawing. Every artwork kids did should be included into the home work binder to keep, to maintain and to review. To take a full advantage of the home work binder, parents should help kids do three things: 1. color it , 2. contour each page and then color it, 3. draw it and color it.
    Next class we will draw and color hot air balloons. After that we will have a break. We will resume the class in March 2.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——Jan 29, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    The spring semester started last Sunday.  We had a good first class. A lot of new students were actively involved in class discussion, clearly suggesting that they are students. Their mature behavior in the classroom often surprises me and parents. You should be pride of your kids and they are really pride of themselves when they show off their mature thinking, mature behavior and their drawing.

    Currently we have 19 kids, very full.  I wish that parents do following:
    1.bring kids to bathroom if necessary before coming to the classroom not drink and eat in the classroom. not touch classroom supplies
    4.bring a pencil, eraser, a pack of crayon(soft) and a sketch book.
    5.only for the new students:  get a home work binder which includes a 3 ring binder plus all last semester homework material and continuation of this semester homework. The old students have done this and do not need to do it again.

    Next session we will draw and color a snowman.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——Jan.14th, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.
    As the beautiful new year fireworks pushed 2013 away and brought up 2014 into the historical stage, we wish in 2014 to see more kids who turn to 5 years old, more kids who can not wait to come to the school, and more kids who will rather come to my drawing class to study arts.  New year, new spirits.
    Now we have had two sessions of drawing class in 2014 and we drew and colored a rocket and a birthday cake.  I have updated the students’ artworks and you are all welcome to take a look.  Because of space limit, only certain students’ artworks from each session are displayed.
    Over the holiday season, some students did a lot of home work of free drawing and coloring.  One student, Ethan Lu, did 26 pages of free drawing and coloring.  Another student, An-Ping Zheng, did more than 30 pages of free drawing and coloring.  This is really a good sign to start independent drawing.  I distributed one page of drawing, deer, to every student in the last class and asked them to color it.  It turned out that these two students colored the deer and its background in a most beautiful way and in the shortest time.  Doing home work helps students practice and enhance their basic drawing skills.

    Next session we will draw and color Mickey mouse.

    Wish you all a prospective new year!

    Michelle Yu,  Teacher