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  • Letter to Parents——Sept. 6th, 2013

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    Dear parents,
    I hope you all have had a wonderful summer vacation!  Now it is time to get back to classrooms to fill  into our kids’ mind another layer of study.  The new school year will start on coming Sunday, Sept 8th.  As usual, I will be the teacher for 绘画一乙班. I can not wait to see you all in the classroom and show you what I know about drawing.  After four years of teaching, I am sure that I will be a key to open a door in every student’s mind towards the art world.

    Based on the registration so far, we have a full class, 20 members of students. Some more are on the waiting list. So I would like to remind parents of preparing your kids better for drawing and coloring. Here is a list of supplies each student should bring into the class:

    1. A pack of crayons(24 colors)

    2. A pencil and eraser

    3. A sketch drawing notebook

    Let us work together and make another successful year!

    Michelle Yu, Teacher