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  • Letter to Parents——Jan.14th, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.
    As the beautiful new year fireworks pushed 2013 away and brought up 2014 into the historical stage, we wish in 2014 to see more kids who turn to 5 years old, more kids who can not wait to come to the school, and more kids who will rather come to my drawing class to study arts.  New year, new spirits.
    Now we have had two sessions of drawing class in 2014 and we drew and colored a rocket and a birthday cake.  I have updated the students’ artworks and you are all welcome to take a look.  Because of space limit, only certain students’ artworks from each session are displayed.
    Over the holiday season, some students did a lot of home work of free drawing and coloring.  One student, Ethan Lu, did 26 pages of free drawing and coloring.  Another student, An-Ping Zheng, did more than 30 pages of free drawing and coloring.  This is really a good sign to start independent drawing.  I distributed one page of drawing, deer, to every student in the last class and asked them to color it.  It turned out that these two students colored the deer and its background in a most beautiful way and in the shortest time.  Doing home work helps students practice and enhance their basic drawing skills.

    Next session we will draw and color Mickey mouse.

    Wish you all a prospective new year!

    Michelle Yu,  Teacher