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  • Letter to Parents——June 18th, 2013

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    Dear Parents,

    Time goes so fast that we are coming to the end of the semester and also of the school year. This moment is always challenging for me to face a fact that students who I have cared for, loved for and taught for in the past two semesters are leaving me . I have to say good bye to them which is hard for me to do it. I am happy to be your teacher and hope you the best.  If students learned something from me,  I feel very happy and am sure it would be carried on to their future life.

    As we are visual artists and we make visual arts, we need vision to compose a wonderful piece of art work.  This vision comes from experience, from education and from persistent practicing. To close out one year art drawing and coloring course, in the last two classes as well as in the next class, I introduced the drawing skill  to 3-dimentional landscape, 3-dimentional patterns(abstract). I explained what it is, how you feel it and see it, and how to use a pen or crayon on a piece of paper to draw to generate illusion of depth and distance of objects.  This is very hard topic.  Some students was able to copy my landscape painting, but did not know what skills used to draw it. Some students was not able to copy it. In drawing the 3-D patterns(abstract), I repeated explanation of the skill in a more explicit way. Some students partially understood it and some did not.  No matter what, students who had a chance to expose this skill will benefit in their future study. If they did not get it, they do not need to worry because it is beyond their age and ability. They will have more chance to expose it.

    Finally, as usual, at the end of the school year, I ask parents to email me your opinions and suggestions about the class. I will improve it as always. I wish all of you have a happy summer vacation.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher