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  • Letter to Parents——May 8th, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    We had a wonderful session last Sunday by drawing and coloring eagles.  After a spring break, every student got taller and stronger.  Drawing skills are elevated, too.  I had collected some good art works from students four or five weeks ago, and now the art works do not look as good as ones students just made in the last Sunday class.  The obvious progress of students’ drawing skills can not be missed with comparison of 5-week old drawing to 1-week old drawing. I happen to have this chance to compare students’ art works at 5-week old and at 1-week old at a parallel level, while I have to choose good art works to prepare displaying boards for the exhibition.  I am happy to see the progress of students’ drawing.

    As I informed you before, all art classes in NCLS will organize an exhibition in Cafeteria on May 11.  By then, our class will show two displaying boards where your kids’ art works are displaying.  The exhibition will run 2-5pm on next Sunday in Cafeteria.  Please do not hesitate to visit the exhibition.  Any feedback is welcome.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher