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  • Letter to Parents——April 7, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    The Spring is here and Easter is here too.  The students continue to make a progress in their drawing last month. Some artworks have been posted in my blog.  We had a wonderful session last Sunday.   After introducing my teaching paintings, I simplified the painting into a few of steps of drawing, and asked students to follow me to do them.  All attending students, 20 ish, did that very well. We drew and colored bunnies as many as students can draw.   After the class, every kid had an Easter egg. I also distributed one page of home work to each student to color.  I looked into the home work folders kids have and found that some students did a lot of free drawing in the last two weeks.  For an example, An-Ping Zhang did 26 pages of free drawings. If the kids like to draw whatever, wherever and whenever, I encourage parents  to support them and to help them maintain their free drawings in the folder.  And the more the student does his/her homework, the better he/she draws in the class.

    All art classes will have an exhibition in the Cafeteria on May 11 and our art class will participate the event, too.  I have been collecting good drawings from students so far.  If you did not see your kids’ artwork, it might be in my collection.

    Next session I will be out of town, and I have asked Xia Ming Lao shi for a substitute teacher.  After the next session, we will have two weeks of the spring break, no Chinese school classes.  We will resume the class in the first Sunday of May.

    It is a long streak of  break, I will miss you all.

    Best Regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher