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  • Letter to Parents——April 11, 2012

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    Dear Parents,

    Have you had a happy Easter Sunday?  Some of the kids (students) told me that they would go to egg-hunting.  Have you found eggs?  It is a wonderful experience that we will talk about a little bit in the next class on Sunday April 22nd. Kids can draw using  markers a face of whatever animals they like on the plastic eggs  that I gave to them. This is a home work for the coming three weeks.  It will be a fun. Besides, the ice cubes inside the plastic eggs are re-freezable.  The kids can play with  it by freezing  and thawing several times. Of course, the  ice cubes are eatable.and the inside liquid is a sweet drink.

    After the Easter Sunday break, April 8th,  we will have a spring vacation  break which will be on the next Sunday April,15th. Spring is here and flower blossom is here.  Side walks, parks, front yards, back yards, every where, are decorated with colorful, fresh and attractive flowers which give a spring smell and atmosphere to the people around them and which also create comfortable environment to release stress and regulate mood.  It is also a good time to travel and some of students will travel to China with their parents.  After the spring break, I hope that the students will load a fresh body, mind and spirit to challenge a new stage of Chinese school studies and drawings.

    Supporting China education project in NCLS is also entering another level, i.e. sending students to Da Qiao zhong Xue, Si Chuang.  They are our messenger to carry all the loving hearts, gifts and funds from all of us to China to support needed Chinese students to finish their schools and achieve their academic goals.  Have a wonderful trip.

    Have a good spring vacation!

    Michelle Yu, Teacher