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  • Letter to parents——Feb 7, 2014

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    Dear Parents,
    Our drawing class is growing, currently 21 students. The students really study very hard, and try their best to show me their ability. They not only show off their mature behavior, they are truly ready for the class every time. They are like a sponge, ready to absorb whatever I provide in the class. While I was introducing and dissecting to the kids in the last class my Chinese brush painting ——万马奔腾,I asked a question “who watched 春晚?” Immediately, half a amount of students raised a hand and screamed “I watched it. ” They not only understand this abbreviated specialized 专有名词,but also they know what it is in the content. I was deeply surprised and moved by these students’ response. 春晚 should have been more than 30 years old in its history, six-seven times more than my students’ age and 春晚culture has become a necessity of most Chinese people in the Chinese new year. This style is flowing into kids’ mind as young as 4 year old and influencing their daily life. I know that these students are young, not even know the words, or how to read and write words 春晚,but 春晚 Chinese culture has rooted in their young body, young mind, young brain and will grow as they grow. For the people who like to do a statistical survey, you may want to check out how many students in the Chinese class in the American high schools would know 春晚。Would you have more than half a amount of people in the class watch 春晚? From this piece of incident, I can clearly tell you how powerful the Chinese school is, how much impact it exerts to our young students and how much it teaches students from young ages.  Of course, your parents are playing a great role, too.

    I have updated the student artwork page in my blog and you are welcome to take a look.  Not all students but a majority of students’ artworks are displayed.  Some drawing and coloring from new students are pretty good.
    Every kids should have a home work folder now and should do at least one page of home work on a weekly basis. I will pass more sometimes in the class. If some students finished all material, they can do free drawing. Every artwork kids did should be included into the home work binder to keep, to maintain and to review. To take a full advantage of the home work binder, parents should help kids do three things: 1. color it , 2. contour each page and then color it, 3. draw it and color it.
    Next class we will draw and color hot air balloons. After that we will have a break. We will resume the class in March 2.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——Jan 29, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    The spring semester started last Sunday.  We had a good first class. A lot of new students were actively involved in class discussion, clearly suggesting that they are students. Their mature behavior in the classroom often surprises me and parents. You should be pride of your kids and they are really pride of themselves when they show off their mature thinking, mature behavior and their drawing.

    Currently we have 19 kids, very full.  I wish that parents do following:
    1.bring kids to bathroom if necessary before coming to the classroom not drink and eat in the classroom. not touch classroom supplies
    4.bring a pencil, eraser, a pack of crayon(soft) and a sketch book.
    5.only for the new students:  get a home work binder which includes a 3 ring binder plus all last semester homework material and continuation of this semester homework. The old students have done this and do not need to do it again.

    Next session we will draw and color a snowman.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher