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  • Letter to Parents——Dec 14th, 2012

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    Dear parents,

    The coming Sunday is not the last class for this semester, but the last class in 2012 before the Holiday season break. We will draw and color ring bells and Santa Claus.  Meanwhile,  we will make a Christmas and New Year Card in a way that pasting a best favorite of the each student’s painting to a piece of purple paper which I have distributed in the classroom.   If you can help kids to do so, please do so because it is a home work for this week and this work needs scissor and glue.  If you can not do it , we will finish it up in the next class.

    It is needless to say and obvious  to see that our students have significantly advanced their drawing and coloring.  I am very happy to see that they are so confident about their ability now.  Very often, they just go ahead to start drawing once they see my master painting on the board.  While  they listen to my instruction and see my demonstration, they continue to do, or to revise it, or to do more.  They are really interested and happy to do it.  This is what I want to see.  They are on track now.  I would like to see more in the future drawing in 2013, in the next chapter of drawing and coloring after the break.   The class in the next semester will stay on track to move to a new level of drawing.  I have planed a lot of more interesting things to draw.

    To summarize what we have done in this chapter of drawing, I would say that we did wonderful artwork on turkeys for Thanksgiving, on snowmen, wreath, Christmas trees, and upcoming ring bells and Santa for Christmas.  The students are so happy to draw these things.  I wish them enjoy the drawing as well as enjoy the season and culture. I wish all of you and your kids a merry Christmas and happy New Year.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher