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  • Letter to Parents——Dec 30th, 2011, Happy New Year

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    Dear Parents,

    Hope that you all had a merry Christmas!

    All the students in my class wish to see the white Christmas, but it did not come true. Although I did see 5 minutes of the snow flakes flying in the sky on the Christmas Day, snow was not accumulated.  The real snow flakes are as beautiful as what we drew in the class.  No matter what, Santa Clause flew through all the families and dropped the gifts to all the kids as they wished.  Even though Santa Clause is so busy and flew by so quickly that no one really saw him,  his gifts are left in our kids’ mind for ever and for good.  One parent gave a gift card to me and I looked it as a Santa’s gift to me to encourage me to work hard and to give more love to my students.  Let me take this chance to say “Thank You!”.

    If you as parents have time, please ask your kid how many times he/she saw the snow  flakes, how many times the Christmas trees and wreaths, and how many times the picture of  Santa Clause over this Christmas Holidays. We  learned not only the drawing skills, but also the knowledge, tradition and culture of Christmas.

    As drawing skills of our students are lifted up to a new level, time is also flying through and 2011 is coming to the end.  I wish everyone have a prosperous and happy New Year!  We will resume the class on Jan. 8th, 2012.

    See you all in  a new year 2012!

    Michelle Yu, Teacher

  • Letter to Parents——Dec. 5th, 2011

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    Dear Parents,

    Happy Thanksgiving to all parents.  One parent gave me a treat for Happy Thanksgiving and I appreciated it. I can not pick up more words than saying ‘Thank you”.

    As we are walking into the holiday season, the holiday spirits are around us, around our class rooms, and around our drawings, too. To celebrate the holiday season ahead of us——Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we will draw and color something s representing Christmas spirits and New year spirits. For an example, we have drawn snow flakes which brought all students into thinking of white Christmas.  Next Sunday, we will draw and color a Christmas Tree and so on.

    If you have any suggestions, please leave a note here or email to me.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher