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  • Letter to Parents——Feb 7th, 2013

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    Dear  Parents,

    The next Sunday we will not have class because of the Chinese new year.  After that, then upcoming Sunday we will draw and color birds.

    In order to celebrate the Chinese new year of Snake, we drew and colored the snakes last week.  During the instruction and demonstration, I also talked a tale about 画蛇添足。 All the students got my point because I found out that none of artworks from all attended students (16) have drawn feet on snakes along with a considerable amount of extra free drawing they did on the artworks.

    This semester we have 17 students registered.  To remind new students what to bring to class room, I would like to emphasize: a drawing pad, a pencil, an eraser, a box of crayons and a folder.

    Work hard and make a progress!

    Michelle Yu, Teacher