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  • Letter to parents——Jan.16, 2015

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    Dear  parents,
    Happy new year!
    After 3 weeks of break, all the students got taller and bigger, and I am so happy to see their growth. At the some time, I almost treated them as they were the 5th grader students.
    At the first class of 2015, we drew a snowman. The kids liked it.  It is so easy to draw it, we used a basic skill of drawing circles at different sizes and put them in different places and a live snowman walks out from sketch book.  The students are so listening and following that they did exactly what I ask them to do. Their artworks have been posted in my blog. The parents are all welcome to take a look.
    The coming Sunday, we will draw Micky mouse. This will be the last class of this semester. On 1/25, we will start a new semester. Please remember to register it even when you are in vacation and slots go away quickly. I don’t want to see the old students missed the place, then occupied by new students. That situation happened before.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Yu (teacher)