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  • Letter to Parents——Mar. 8th, 2012

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    Dear Parents,

    Many thanks to all the people who responded my letters.  Your comments are so positive and encouraging.  I appreciated them and would like to give my gratitude to all of you!  Your comments made up of the best part of my blog!

    Continuing the last month topic——supporting education, I would like to bring up a NCLS project of supporting china education.  A group of people including me organizes a few of activities each year to raise a fund to support Chinese students who have financial difficulties to pursue their academic achievements in China. This project also includes sending NCLS students to a high school in China to experience Chinese student life and teaching English in a Chinese school.  I like this project.  I came from China and joined the graduate school in USA after finished college in China.  I experienced the difficult time periods during the school years.  If someone can give a hand at the needed points,  students with a bright potential would not be drowned in the family financial turmoils and would become a dependable backbone of society.  Thinking of this, I have been a volunteer in the project group in the past two years and actively participated in all the fund-raising events such as talent shows, dance parties, yard sales and book fairs.

    Currently in this month, the project group is organizing the following events:

    March 10th, dance party, BC

    March 18th,  Yard Sale, NCLS

    March 25th, Yard Sale, NCLS

    I hope that all the teachers, parents, family members, and staff can be involved in these events. I distributed the paper copies of the yard sale announcement in January to parents in NCLS and the principal sent the announcement through email to school wide teachers, staff, and parents most recently.

    Here is the Announcement of 2012 Yard Sale:

    Craft Fair/Yard Sale

    Fundraising for NCLS Support Education Project

    (All your support and contribution will be highly appreciated. For details about this project, please visit


    ·    Donate all kinds of gently used, still valuable artistic toys, decorations, paintings,    crafts, paper cuts, sculptures, sweaters, wallets, scarf, pottery, electronics, clothes, shoes, children’s books, CDs, sportswear, kitchenware…;

    ·    Come to the fair and buy what you like at a very reasonable price;

    ·    Items for donation should be brought to school cafeteria on the day before 1:30pm;

    ·    Parents on duty or volunteers will help with donation sale;

    ·    Unsold items will go to Charities such as the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters   Foundation;

    ·    Raised funds will go to the Support Education Project;


    ·    All NCLS members (teachers, teaching assistants, staff, parents, students)


    ·    F.A Day Middle School Cafeteria, NCLS.


     March 18th and March 25th 2012,  Sundays,  1:30-5:00


    捐贈各種使用过的,但仍然有價值的藝術玩具,裝飾品,繪畫,工藝品,剪紙,雕塑,毛衣,錢包,圍,陶器,電子產品,衣服,鞋,玩具,兒童書籍,光碟,廚房用品,運動用品, 兒童書籍,錄像帶,  或其他。

    请将捐赠物标上你的估价,送到NCLS cafeteria, 有我们工作人员卖出去。所得额全部交NCLS支教组。未售出的東西去慈善機構。

    地点:NCLS Cafeteria




    Michelle Yu, Teacher