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  • Letter to Parents——Oct 7th, 2014

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    Dear parents,

    We have had five classes so far ever since the school started.  We are doing great.  The kids are so focused and working very hard in the class.  So far we mainly drew subjects with a shape of circle.  The kids are getting better and better, and easier and easier to do it.  Roses, balloons and apples all used drawing skill of circle.  When we drew turtle and butterfly, we try to do more detailed structure by drawing more and different sizes of circles.  The kids did very well.  Meanwhile, students are asked to add previously learned subjects to the newly drawing subjects, keeping to memorize what is learned.  For an example, in the class of drawing butterfly, students added roses, flowers and grass in their drawing, to make their artwork like a part of garden, more beautiful.

    Every student in the class truly loves drawing, never felt too much to draw more.  Their coloring skills are advanced, but they tend to prefer to do drawing in the class, and this is why they come to the class. They want to learn how to draw.  Parents should prepare a 3-ring binder for your kid to keep their artwork and coloring material distributed from the class.

    I have updated the page of students’ artworks in my blog. You are all welcome to take a look.  Some kids’ artworks are not posted because they were not  available to take a picture.

    In the coming Sunday, we don’t have a class because of Columbus holiday.  In the coming Saturday 10/11/14, I will be in Newton city hall to do face painting for the Asian festival.  If you have a time, please bring your kids there to have a fun.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher