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  • Letter to Parents—— Nov 16th, 2012

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    Dear Parents,
    One more month passed quickly as we had five more sessions of the drawing class. We drew and colored a dog, mickey mouse, pumpkin, hands and leaves.   During this chapter of drawing, while we continued to spend efforts to add interesting subjects into drawing and coloring, we intensified the drawing skill training.  For an example, I used leaves as an example not only to teach students to experience 写生,but also to teach students five ways to record 稍纵即逝 的现象 or to record in-vanishingly a memory of special, lovely, beautiful, or important things.  The five ways are 1. make a print of a subject without a copy machine, e.g. contour leaves or figure prints, 2. trace a subject like leaves, 3. draw a subject, 4. photograph a subject and 5. videotape a subject.  In the classroom, I taught the first three ways such as contouring, tracing and drawing of leaves. I hope that parents can help teach kids the last two ways in the outside of classroom.
    For the next chapter of this drawing class, I will introduce holiday season activities into the class by combining holiday season activities with drawing skills.  Towards this direction, in the next session we will draw and color turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving. Please let kids know and be prepared. After this session, we will have Thanksgiving break and resume the class in December 2nd, 2012.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Yu, Teacher