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  • Letter to Parents——Nov. 8th, 2013

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    Dear Parents,

    I would like to take this chance, monthly letter to parents, to summarize what we have done, where we are and what we are going to do next.  So far we have had 8 sessions of the class. We drew and colored balloons, oysters, ducks, flamingoes, apples, pumpkins, and giraffe. The subjects are varied in a big range, and we have been doing great.  The students have settled down, and got used to my style of drawing and teaching.  They start to know that drawing and coloring are fun to do and they get interested in drawing and coloring.  They focused on their drawing carefully during the class, following my instruction step by step and made wonderful artworks.  I am really happy to see their concentration and enjoyment when they do their work.  They are happy to come to the class, make them ready for the class and put their homework on the table and waiting for me to go through their pages and pages of homework. They are so proud of their work and I am so proud of this class of students.  Of course, there is always one or two outliners, which is very typical and normal.

    I have posted some of students’ artworks in my blog.  You are all welcome to take a look. Because of space limit, I can not post everyone’s work.  I only chose what was available to photography.  They are not the best and are randomly picked up.

    There are 12 pages of homework in the homework folder.  Almost half the students have already finished all and for some of their favorite pages, the students did multiple copies.  This speed is a way ahead of me and my teaching plan.  So I asked parents to increase quality to help kids精益求精,好中更好 . If students do one page of homework, or multiple copies of that, it is already above my expectation.  However, there is one maybe two kids who have not done any of homework.  家长,得加油咯!
    In the next 4 sessions, we will continue to increase the level of difficulty to draw, mixed with interesting subjects.

    Michelle Yu, Teacher