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  • Letter to Parents———May 14th, 2012

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    Dear Parents,

    As my previous email announced , NCLS will have an artwork exhibit on May 20th, 2012.  I have been preparing for this exhibit and have collected enough artwork from the students.  We will have three poster boards standing on the table in the cafeteria on the next Sanday, May 20th. Please come to see your kids’ work.

    Our students are the youngest kids in NCLS, but their artwork, by no means, is the modest or un- advanced.  Their progress in the drawing and coloring surprised me, surprised their parents, and surprised their peers, too. Their ability to catch up the drawing skills, to mimic my drawing and coloring is enormous and unlimited.  Four students followed my class for two semesters and they are totally familiar with my skills and they can vividly reproduce my teaching master painting without hesitation and shyness.  I clearly remembered how they are doing at the beginning of this class and their growth makes me speechless. The other four kids joined the class in this semester and are obviously seeing  the distance they have to catch. These four kids are really motivated and worked diligently in the class.  Their improvement is huge.  Let us give them some more time and I am sure that we will see the difference.  I have posted in my blog a few of the artworks from a few of students and you are a judge.

    I am happy to see them in my class and enjoyed to see their progress.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher