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  • Letter to Parents——Mar.10, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    We have had five classes so far in this semester.  We did  horse, snowman, hot air balloon, cupcake and panda.  Kids did wonderful artworks,  some of which have already posted in my blog.  They are getting better and better and they are also more and more confident in the classroom. Furthermore, they respond my question more loudly, and more flexibly.  I checked the attendance at the beginning of the class.  I call their names and they have to reply me loudly.  All my old students do that without a problem, but new students have a trouble to do so in the first two classes because they are not confident yet and a little scared.  I encouraged them and now they are all confident.  They responded me loudly and surely.  Their response suggested that they are starting to feel confident in their drawing.

    Due to the fact that this is one year course, we will continue to move forward in the difficulty of drawing.  I hope that students would catch up the home work in the home work folder in addition to the pages I distributed in the classroom. Parents help kids do so and help kids maintain their artworks.

    Next class we will draw penguins.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, Teacher