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  • Letter to parents——Nov.12, 2014

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    Dear Parents,

    In this month of classes, we had drawn dolphin, pumpkin, leaves, and panda. We made wonderful artworks on these subjects.  We had an interesting session of drawing pumpkin with a warm discussion of Halloween. Students talked about trick and treat, costumes, how many candies they got in Halloween.  We discussed decoration of Halloween which lead to our drawing topics——pumpkin and spider web.  In addition to drawing pumpkin, which students still used a skill of drawing a circle, we practiced drawing lines to make a subject, that is a spider web.  I taught students to draw long and short lines in specific ways, easily making a beautiful spider web.  They all liked it and did diligent work and made a beautiful web.

    In the class of making leave prints, students learned what printing looks like and how to make it.  Students experienced and practiced to making prints of leaves.  Some students made 4-5 prints of one ginko leaf, very pretty artwork.  At the same time, we draw one or two maple leaves and color them.

    In the classes of drawing dolphin and panda, dolphin and panda are lovely animals, so cute and kid-favorite that students really liked to draw them.

    It is worth mentioning that all students continue to do great work in the class. They focused, worked diligently, and creatively built up their own artistic view of their artworks.

    In a next few classes, we will draw subjects related to coming holidays.


    Michelle Yu, Teacher