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  • Letter to Parents——Oct 5th, 2012

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    Dear Parents,

    Due to Columbus day, we will not have a drawing class on the upcoming Sunday, Oct 7th, 2012.  The next class will be in Oct 14th, 2012.  By then we will draw a mickey mouse.  Meanwhile, please enjoy a long weekend.

    The last class we draw and color a basket of apples, reminding everyone of the apple-picking season.  Kids liked it very much. Kids are getting more and more interest in drawing now after 4 sessions.  Getting students interested in drawing is as important as talking about any drawing skills.  This is the first and solid step we completed.

    Some kids still do not have a drawing book yet.  Please also remember to bring it to the class.  Meanwhile, students should have a folder to collect the material I distribute to the students over the classes.

    See you in the next class!

    Michelle Yu, Teacher