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  • Letter to Parents——Oct 21st, 2013

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    Dear Parents,
    We had a good session yesterday. I talked about impacts colors play in the painting 
    and how we use them skillfully and intelligently by using 成语‘五颜六色“. This topic 
    will repeat over and over again.  I also distributed 4 more pages of homework to every 
    student and hope that parents can help punch holes and pile them up into the homework 
    folder. If your kids like to do them, just go ahead to do them, and keep them in the 
    folder.  I will check their folders in the classroom. For the students who missed the 
    class, please come to me next Sunday to get four pages of homework. 
    Michelle Yu,Teacher
  • Letter to Parents——3rd, October, 2013

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    Dear Parents,

    I would like to take this chance to tell you that we have had a wonderful start of this school year for 绘画一乙班.  The class has many talents who are good at drawing and coloring.  Almost all students enjoyed the class so much as they forget a need to go to bathroom and were actively involved in discussion.  Their sharp thinking and their responses surprised me often. Here is a question for parents to ask your kid, “ why and how do flamingos have a pinkish orange color?”  I told a story about this and most students listened very carefully.  I ensure you that kids will give the answer.
    Most students worked hard in the homework.  I reviewed their art works in the classroom and educated the whole class by adjudging them what is good and what is not. If your kid has not done the first two pages in the homework binder, please finish it up this Sunday.  Any art works done by students should be collected and three-ring punched and piled up in the homework binder, of course with parents’ help.  As I said in the first class, we not only teach students how to make art works, but also train them how to manage their art works and review them over the time. This is very useful skill that will be needed in their future studies and in schools, and also is one way of education.
    I would also ask for parents’ help in teaching kids to start drawing in a sketch book from the beginning to the end when they draw, not to pick up a random page to draw. I have emphasized this several times in the classes.
    Over the past four sessions of  drawing and coloring,  students gradually learn how to draw and start to show their interest in the subjects, and their interest in which part of the particular subject.  Next drawing subject is apple.  In the coming Sunday, we will draw and color apples, enjoying the apple picking season.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Yu, teacher