2022-2023 (16th) Team Recruitment / 2022 SEP Working Group Annual Meeting

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SEP Working Group had an annual meeting on August 7, 2022, at Newton Auburndale Park. Attendee: Helen Cao, Shirley Chen, Faith Hu, Nan Liang, Ling Zheng, Qionglin Zhou, Naizhong Qiu

  • Reviewed all activities that SEP has organized and participated in the past year
  • Discussed two new programs, tutoring and financial aid. The Tutoring program has been running for two years and it’s a success. We will start the financial aid program in Fall 2022. The program needs more broadcasting.
  • Explored channels communicating with students in China to increase the understanding of both sides.
  • Would resume the trip to Sichuang Daqiao School if permitted.
  • All working group members will keep contacting with different schools to explore the possibility of corporation

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