Oct 16

2016 牛顿中文学校才艺表演报名通知

Fundraising 2016 Talent Show 支教助学, 传承爱心

Click here for event flyer  2016-ncls-talent-show

Newton Chinese School Support China Education project has entered its 11th year. Every year, the working group organizes a series of activities for fund-raising to support Chinese high school students who are outstanding but need financial help. The Youth and Family Fundraising Talent Show plays an important role. We welcome individuals, families, and groups from NCLS as well as the surrounding area to participate in the show. The talent show is also a great platform for selecting excellent performing program to qualify for NCLS in-school or out-school New Year Gala and other performance opportunities. Let’s share our talent, enthusiasm and work together to support this meaningful course. You can make a difference!


See below for the details: (才艺表演的具体安排如下):

Time (时间):   2016年12月11日, Sunday (星期日) 3:45pm – 6:30pm

Location (地点):  Auditorium, F.A. Day Middle School (牛顿中文学校礼堂)

Registration (报名方法): Please register online by click link:


If you have question, please email to: supporteducation@newtonchineseschool.org


NCLS Event Committee & Support China Education Working Group