Jun 25

Join Us! The 2018-2019 SEP program registration is open now!

* Join us! The 2018-2019 SEP program registration is open now. 

Please use this form to sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/6pXh9nZKVWb0ucd83

* 2018 NCLS Support China Education Project China trip team had a successful trip and finished their school-wide report. Please click the link below for SEP team activities details: 

访问河南省新安县第一高级中学 2017-2018 SEP 活动)

NCLS Support Education 2018 Before Departure – 行前活动


NCLS Support Education 2018 China Trip  Summary –


* Great news – we received The Tan Family Education Foundation donation $6000. Thanks to teacher Tan Jialing continuous support and generosity to SEP. We are very much appreciated!

* NCLS Tennis Tournament raised more than $2000 to support our SEP program.  This year, we included both juniors and adults in the tournament. Here is the tournament result:

Winners: Place
Doubles B
Penggo Duan/Mai Yang 1
Mingshi Dai/Jason Dai 2
Zhanjiang Lu/Shuangyong Xu 3
Girls’ Singles
Jessica Dai 1
Alicia Guo 2
Vanessa Xue 3
Doubles A
Binh Nguyen/Qing Liu 1
Terry Cao/Weihe Ye 1
Haodi Dong/Xinwei Li 3
Larry Tran/Min Zhang 3
Men’s Singles A
Terry Cao 1
Min Zhang 1
David Deng 3
Eric Gong 3
Women’s Singles
Jackie Zhou 1
Tracy Fang 1
Chunmin Chen 3
Lingfei Hou 3
Men’s Singles B
Ray Rong 1
Yasheng Huang 2
Mai Yang 3
Ping Wang 3
Jun 14

2018 SEP China Trip Team School-wide Report/ informative session

2018 SEP China trip team has successfully completed their mission in Xin’an Yi Gao School in Henan province, and have shared their experiences, inspiration and aspiration with us on June 10 at room 314 from 3:40pm to 5pm.If you missed the June 10 school-wide report, here is the other opportunity –
SEP 2018 China trip team will attend school Parents Assembly and the team representative will share their story at 3:40pm, June 17, 2018.

Please come join us for a great informative session if you are interested to know more about SEP China trip. See you at NCLS school auditorium.