Safely Arrived and First Day at School

Dear All,

Although due to the airplane delayed at the Beijing airport, we arrived at HeFei 2 hours later than expected, it was almost 1am, students are all in good spirit and very flexible with the arrangement. The CuoZhen School Principal and Admin team were all waiting for us at the school gate (even the school billboard having the English welcome flashing at the mid of the night which made us really feel welcome!). They quickly led us to the dorm, 3 people in a room, with newly purchased bedding sets, and students found their room mates quickly. Then we headed to the cafeterial to have our first free warm meal after spending 40 hours on the road! Yummy! (we found Wei Qian La Mian at the Beijing airport and had a bowl soup noodle there already)

Students all had a short but sound sleep and the alarm clock woke us up at 6am. What a beautiful morning, warm breeze and sunshine! We walked to the cafeterial, students using their 100 RMB meal card purchased their first breakfast, many choices, and warm and fresh. They were super satisfied and said much better than their own school at America! 🙂

Then we walked 15 mins. crossing some morning farm market to the Middle School campus of their school, to attend the Flag Rising Ceremony! Very formal and educational. Their Principal made a welcoming speech in both English and Chinese, our students are impressed.

They are well prepared for our coming and quickly arranged students into 4 groups (3 each group) and sent them to different classrooms (English classroom). They will rotate to different classrooms after each 45 min. block. So, we will spend whole day today at the Middle School campus.

Everybody is in happy mood and can’t wait to jump in and help out. Everybody here is very friendly and nice. Especially Principal Liang’s father came to the airport, stayed with us the entire time till 1:30am and came to greet us again this early morning! Without his thoughtful arrangement, it could have been a more bumpy trip! We are really grateful for that!

Students learned how to use lian pen to wash their face and feet 🙂 And we are getting our way to pick up hot water on our way in and out. I told them the dorm is better than their parents college life 30 years 🙂 Hopefully we are able to find a way to send pictures to you soon.

It is very safe here, the entire school has security guard at the front and only entrance (next door is the police station 24/7). Then, each dorm building is locked at night with security guard living inside. Each room has a lock for us to lock up when we leave the door. So, we are all set for now.

Your packing are very helpful and students seem to find everything they need. 🙂 This is for now and more updates will come (we have to find internet in their school teaching building or teacher’s office, a bit slow internet).

Thank you all and we will have a wonderful time here!


Nan and Jieying

Again, if you need to reach any student, call my cell phone here 13958097099. I am always with them. –Jieying

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