Blog Site Setup Training (English)

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How to work with your blog site

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Learn to use your blog site

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Finally I decided to make this video so that I don’t need to do the online training repeatedly 🙂 I think there are still teachers who missed the earlier trainings who want to get started with their blog sites. So, this is for them.

The vedio can be viewed with the link below:

And here are a few userful info for you as well:



A few tips for your blog work

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Based on the questions we have got, here are a few tips for you:

1. How to resize a big picture to a smaller size.

Use “paint” program that comes with all Windows systems. Open it, load the picture. The picture size (see the pixels, width x height) will be shown at the bottom (this is with Windows 7’s paint. Other versions probably display this information somewhere else). Select “Resize”
(on Windows 7 paint, this is on the ribbob bar under “Home”. For other versions, it is probably under “Edit” or “Tool”. You can resize by percentage or by pixels. That is it. Save the new picture and you have it.

2. If I upload the picture into the media library, how do I find the URL link for the picture?

Go to Media Library, mouse over the picture. You will see a context menu with “Edit |Delete Permanently |View” showing up. Click on “Edit”. There the fil URL link is shown next to “File URL”. You can copy the link there.

3. How do I put my picture in a “text” widget?

Add “Text” widget. Enter whatever you want to “Title”. In the large area, enter the following:

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”190″ height=”180″ />

Replace the link part with your picture link. Otherwise you will all look like me 🙂

Save and you are done.

How to subscribe to a RSS feed

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Our blog site supports RSS feed. That is, people who want to follow your postings can simple subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed and get to know your new postings, without needing to visit your blog site every so often to see if there is anything new.

There are multiple ways to subscribe feeds.

First of all, you need to get the RSS feed link/URL. In the simplest form, it is your site URL plus “feed/”. If your site is, then your site feed is

For example, my site feed link is:

Below are three ways to subscribe to RSS feeds:

1. Using google reader:

You need a google account (gmail account is OK, or sign up one).

Once in, click “Add a subscription” and enter the feed link URL. That is it.

2. If you use “My Yahoo” as your home page and visit there often, like me, then you can add feeds right there.

Go to your yahoo home page:

Click “FrontPage -> +Content”. Then click “Add RSS Feed”. Enter the RSS feed link, click “Add”. THen “I’m Done” to get out.

Now you will see this feed appears at the top. You can move it to anywhere you want it. Now everytime you visit your Yahoo home page, it will check to see if there is new posting from the blog site you are following.

3. Use Outlook

If you use Outlook (not Outlook Express), you can subscribe to RSS right there.