Ch 2. Percent

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Students did a fantastic job explaining the problems in Ch 1 HW pg 13-14 today. See notes here.

In Ch.2 Percent, students need to pay attention to the “original value” when calculating the percent of decrease/increase.

Percent Change (examples, solutions, videos, activities)

We also introduced the two formulas for simple interest and compound interest.

Simple and Compound Interest (examples, videos, solutions, worksheets,  homework, lesson plans)
Comparison Graph Illustration of Compound Interest and Simple Interest  Stock Vector - Illustration of economy, comparison: 211997098

Homework: pg 19-22. (20 problems in total). Next Sunday, we will do name cards and randomly pick students to work on the whiteboard. Get prepared:)

Ch.1 Exponents & Radicals

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Please check here to see the answers and explanations for our pre-test:)

We learned Ch.1 Exponents & Radicals today. Check the class notes here.

Homework: Pg 13-14, Ex 1-16 (No calculator, please). Please fill in the Google Spreadsheet to claim 2 problems that you are going to explain in class next week. Early come, early pick 😛

See you next week!

Pre-test & Survey 1

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Dear students,

Thank you for taking the pre-test today in class. You have received a grade of ___/116 upon your submission of the Google Form. Divide your grade by 2, and then you can see how many problems out of 58 did you get right. Using the grid below to find your SAT Math Diagnostic Test score.
Please do not worry about the score. It is to help us get an idea of our current level:) I have no doubt that by the end of the school year, you will do an excellent job!

Please let me know the problems you would like me to go over next week in this short survey (which can also be found in Google Classroom). Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon next week!

Do not forget to bring your textbook, pencil, and calculator to class!

Best, Ms. Li

Day 1, Classroom 220

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Dear all,
Please note that the school has changed our classroom to Rm 220 (not 317)
As we are going to take the pre-test today in class. Please remember to bring your laptop/iPad/Chromebook + a scientific calculator to class. 
If you have not ordered the textbook yet, please do so as soon as possible:) We will use it in our weekly class.
Can’t wait to see you all this afternoon!
Best, Ms. Li

Welcome to SAT Math 2022-23!

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The Best Welcome Back to School Activities for Grades 1-8 — Mashup Math
See the Course Description here!

NCLS Course Description: SAT math

Last updated: 08/2022

Course Name: SAT math
Suggested to the students in public school: Grade 7-10 
Course Length: 1 year, Sunday 3:40-5:00 pm, Rm 317 
The College Panda SAT Math Advanced Guide and Workbook (2nd Edition)
ISBN-13: 978-1733192729
ISBN-10: 1733192727
Amazon Link here (make sure you purchase the 2nd edition, not the 1st:P).
Teacher Information
Ms. Lijia Li obtained her M.Ed (Learning & Teaching, Instructional Leadership in Math) at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She used to teach at Shanghai High School International Division and now works as a math teacher at Newton South High School. In previous years, Ms. Li also taught AoPS (Geometry, Number Theory, Counting & Probabilities) and Singapore math at NCLS. She enjoys teaching and each student’s progress has brought her great joy. Teaching Blog:
For any questions, please feel free to reach out:
Expectations to the Students
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Fix it, and learn from it:)
Be on time and be prepared.
Always make corrections after each assignment.
Show procedure/steps of thinking.
Bring yourself to the class. Everyone is a unique contributor.
Collaborate and communicate with your classmates. You will benefit from it.
Work hard. Have fun!
Course Content
1. Exponents & Radicals
2. Percent
3. Exponential vs. Linear Growth
4. Rates
5. Ratio & Proportion
6. Expressions
7. Constructing Models
8. Manipulating & Solving Equations
9. More Equation Solving Strategies
10. Systems of Equations
11. Inequalities
12. Word Problems, Min & Max. Word Problems
13. Lines
14. Interpreting Linear Models
15. Functions
16. Quadratics
17. Synthetic Division
18. Complex Numbers
19. Absolute Value
20. Angles
21. Triangles
22. Circles
23. Trigonometry
24. Reading Date
25. Probability
26. Statistics I
27. Statistics II
28. Volume

SAT Math Last Class

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Today we went through all the problems in the final exam and took a group photo 全家福 together via Zoom.

Thank you for this wonderful year! This class has been filled with wisdom and laughter 🙂

Each of your curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity has inspired me and will encourage me in my future teaching.

Please stay in touch, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

As I said, our course ends, but our friendship lasts.

May my best wishes always be with you!


PS: Here are some SAT Math resource for your future study:

SAT Math Prep Online Resources:

Free Online Practice Test @ Khan Academy

AoPS Number Theory: Final Exam

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It is difficult to believe that here comes our last class. Today we had our last final exam (first online test). Please find the sample paper with answer key for your reference:)

Please read it through and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The course ends, but our friendship lasts forever:)

(Why everyone seemed to be so “serious” after our exam :P)

Enjoy a great summer!

SAT Math Final Exam

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Today we held our first online final exam. Thanks to Google Form, students can get their grades soon after turning in the paper:)

Please review and let me know the problems you would love to discuss in our next Sunday class.

No homework this week. Just relax, and enjoy the lovely summer!

AoPS Number Theory Ch.15 Number Sense

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Lesson review
Problem Solving Strategies:

  • change the forms of numbers
  • understand different solutions/methods
  • parity considerations (modulo 2)
  • narrow your search to a small list
  • use clues to gather enough information to solve the problem


Page 297-299

Ex.15.22, 15.24, 15.28, 15.31, 15.34, 15.35, 15.40, 15.44,  15.48, 15.49, 15.56, 15.61

Prepare for the final exam next week!

  • (Login to Google Classroom at 12:20 pm–the test paper will be released then).
  • Print them out, and do it in our Zoom class — keep your camera on all the time (test will end at 1:50 pm. Make sure you turn in it by 2:00 pm)

Get well prepared and Good luck!

SAT Math Ch.28 Volume

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Lesson review:

Congratulations to Julia, Kevin, and Phoebe in the Kahoot! game about Volume:)


1. Finish Chapter 28 Exercise (Page 251-253)
2. Finish Khan Academy Practice (5 problems)
3. Prepare for final exam next week.

The test paper will be released at 3:30 pm on 6/14, in Google Classroom. You can either print it out or read it on another device. During our exam (3:40-5:00), you should keep your camera on. Please type your answer in the given Google Form, and your score will be automatically graded after you turn in.

Section 1: 25 min, no calculator.

Section 2: 55 min. Calculator allowed.

Good luck, and see you next Sunday!