AOPS Algebra 1 Online Course, Lesson25 , 04/26/2020

Today, students continued to study one-variable quadratic inequality with the non-factorable quadratic expression and real solutions or with the non-factorable expression and non-real solutions. The key is how to write a quadratic expression in factor form from the roots of the equation. For non-real solution case, the quadratic is either always positive or always negative. Through this results, we can figure out whether the quadratic inequality has solution or not. In learning two-variable quadratic inequality, students recalled the two-variable linear inequality. The process of solving the inequality are exactly the same in both linear and quadratic inequality, that is, plotting graph, determining the border, choosing a point to find out whether region where the point is located is the solution or not. For advanced section of quadratic section, students learned to find out the maximum or minimum value of any quadratic expression, in addition, students learned an inequality with more than two factors in binomial form by analyzing the signs of each binomial factor to find inequality solutions.

Here is the homework for today’s class:
P.430, 15.1.3, 15.1.5, 15.1.4 (change the inequality to y<-x^2+4)

P.434, 15.2.1, 15.2.2

P.446, 15.4.1, 15.4.2, 15.4.3

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