I started my math teaching career in NCLS in 2009. Now, I am the group leader of NCLS math program, and teach the course of AOPS Algebra 1, Singapore Math 8th class.

I am IC design engineer, graduated with PhD from Columbia University in NYC. My college major is Semiconductor Physics and Device Physics.

Teaching is my favorite work in my life. I dedicate to it and make a lot of efforts on exploring methods that deliver knowledge to students without barriers. I have been thinking about one question, math is so beautiful, why some students are not in favor of math? One word, “love”. As a teacher, I love my students, and I want my students “love” math. It is very very challenging, but that is my destination. All I have done and am doing is to move forward to that direction.

I work hard and want to achieve my goals , along with all who have the same destination.

“LOVE” is the first of the first, always!

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