AOPS Algebra 1 Online Course, Lesson31 , 06/14/2020

In today’s class, students continued to study exponential functions, equations and interest that is dealing with money. This is hard section for students because the methods that make money in different ways, such as simple interest, compounded interest and relation and difference between the interests. In solving exponential equations, basically it can be resolved with the same bases case, but for the equation with different bases, logarithm concept is used to get the solution. It is explored that logarithm and exponential are inverse function mutually. Students need to get skilled in handling the logarithmic and exponential expressions.
The two important topics, interest and logarithm are critical in Algebra studying. I hope students would digest and master the knowledge through practicing.
Here is the homework assignment:

P.532, 19.1.4, 19.1.6, 19.1.7(challenging)

P.538, 19.2.1, 19.2.2, 19.2.3, 19.2.4,
P.545, 19.3.1, 19.3.2, 19.3.3, 19.3.4

P.552, 19.4.1, 19.4.2 19.4.3, 19.4.4

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