Info of Singapore Math 8A/B

Class Name 新加坡数学八班, Singapore Math 8th Class
Course Length 1 year (32 sessions of 80 minutes each)
 Pre-requisite Completed NCLS Singapore Math  7th Class  or Equivalent
Text Book Singapore Math, Dimensions Math 8A/B Common Core

ISBN: 978-981-4250627 (8A)

ISBN:978-981-4250-63-4  (8B)

Work Book Singapore Math, Dimensions Math 8A/B Common Core

ISBN: 978-981-4250-64-1  (8A)

ISBN: 978-981-4250-65-8  (8B)

Dimensions Math Textbook 8A/B Contents  
Chapter 1: Exponents and Scientific Notation

Chapter 2: Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 3: Expansion and Factorization of Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 4: Quadratic Factorization and Equations

Chapter 5: Simple Algebraic Fractions

Chapter 6: Congruence and Similarity

Chapter 7: Parallel Lines and Angles in Triangles and Polygons

Chapter 8: Graphs of Linear and Quadratic Function

Chapter 9: Graphs in Practical Situations

Chapter 10: Pythagorean Theorem

Chapter 11: Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 12: Mensuration of Pyramids, Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

Chapter 13: Data Analysis

Chapter 14: More About Quadratic Equations



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