AOPS Algebra 1 Online Course, Lesson32 , 06/21/2020

Today, we worked on two more functions: absolute and radical after studying more in the logarithm. All of the knowledge in this chapter is truly a basic concepts about the special function, domain, range, graphs, equations. More and deep things will be explored at high school, advance Math study.
Here is the homework for today’s contents:

P.553, 19.4.5, 19.4.6, 19.4.7, 19.4.8, 19.4.9

P.562, 20.1.1, 20.1.2, 20.1.5, 20.1.6

P.568, 20.2.2, 20.2.3, 20.2.4, 20.2.5.

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