Singapore Math 8th Online Class, Lesson 19, 03/8/2020

Today, for the first time, we had a successful online class and most of students were able to join the class.

In the class, I continued to show to solve angles problems in parallel line system, most importantly, the procedure of presenting the prove/calculation work. The interior/exterior angles in triangle were introduced and applied to calculate the angles in different types of figures. Some examples regarding the quadrilateral figures were combined with the principles in triangles and parallel line theorems in order to compute the size of length and angles in the figures.

Here is the homework to cover today’s contents:

workbook 8A. Ch. 7

  1. (a)(c)(f); 4. (a)(c)(d); 5. (a)(c); 6; 7.(a)(c); 8.(b)(c)(d); 14.(a)(b)(d)(e); 15.(b)(d).
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