Singapore Math 8th Class, Lesson 7, 10/20/2019

In today’s class, I guided students to work on factorization of algebraic expressions, especially the special expression factorization, such as a^2+2ab+b^2, a^2-b^2, etc.
In the quadratic expression factorization, students learned the definition of quadratic expression and the standard form, special quadratic expression factorization, and the method of factoring quadratic expressions with leading coefficient of 1.

Here is the homework to practice the factorization

Ch. 3
2. b, f, h
7. d, h
8. c, e
9. a, b, c, d
10. a, c, e, f, g
11. a, c, g, h
13. a, b, c, g, h
18. a, b, c, e, f

Ch. 4
1. a, b

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