Singapore Math 8th Class, Lesson 6, 10/13/2019

In today’s class, students studied expansions of Algebraic expression, especially the method of handling “sign” in algebraic expressions. A few special products were introduced that are so important in the quadratic expression section. By using those special products, we are able to compute some type of numbers without calculator. In addition, reverse applications of those special products are helpful in the factorization of certain types of algebraic expressions, such as some quadratic expression factorization. Limited class practices should be good guidance for students to deal with more questions.

Here is the homework assignment for the contents that students studied today.

Workbook 8A

1. b, c, g, h, j
2. a, c, e, g, i
3. a, c, e, g, h
4. a, c, d, f, h
5. b, d, e, f
7. a.b.c.f.g
9. e, f, g, h,j
11. b,e, h
12, a, b, d, e ,g, h

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