NCLS Weekly Newsletter 29-May-2014

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We will have school this coming Sunday 6/1.   The last school day of this semester is 6/22.

1. Our fall registration is in the second stage, which is “Change Class” Period.  During this period (5/29/2014 ― 6/4/2014), registration only opens to current in-school students.  Please see Fall Registration Procedure link for details:

*  Please note: If you do not want to any textbooks, you can just email to remove the textbook from your account.  Include your login ID (your phone number) and class, so we can easily find you in the system.

2. School Journal for May 2014:

3. Seminar:   Colleges and Universities Admissions Process

 Date:   6/1/2014          Time:3:45pm-5:00pm      Place:   Room #227

Introduction: We are going to discuss the steps that need to be taken during each year of high school for students to become a great applicant for colleges and universities.

Sound advice for your journey towards higher education!!!!  Please join us Sunday, June 1st from 3:45 – 5:00 pm to learn about how Sage Academics can help you and your student navigate the College Application process in today’s highly competitive environment.  Sage College Counseling provides personalized services and a host of resources for high school students from diverse cultural backgrounds seeking admission to colleges and universities in the U.S.  We are a comprehensive educational consulting firm offering everything from tutoring and test preparation for the standardized tests to acing the interview.  Our team holds over 50 years of combined experience with higher education in over 15 countries including the U.S., U.K., China and Taiwan.  We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions!  Feel free to visit our website:

名校申请之旅中的精囊妙计!!!请在6月1日周日下午3:45 – 5:00倾听Sage教育讲述如何帮助您和您的学生在当 前竞争相当激励环境下,驾驭整个大学申请过程。Sage大学申请咨询将为致力于进入美 国大学和学院的具有多元文化背景的中学生,提供个性化的服务以及一系列的资源。作为一家综合性的教育咨询公司,我们提供各类教育咨询 服务,从标准化考试的辅导和准备到面试的模拟。我们团队在高等教育领域有超过50年的丰富经验,遍布全球15个国家,包括美国、英国、中国 大陆和台湾。我们期待与您会面,并回答您的问题!请随时访问我们的网站: 

Speaker:  Jack Murphy, With a career that spans over 30 years, Jack has worked as a Director of College Counseling at eight schools on five continents.  He has also been a trainer and consultant for school administrator located in the US, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Panama, and Argentina.  He has visited hundreds of colleges and universities all over the world.  He know what it takes to become a great applicant for admissions to the colleges and universities.

Contact info:  Sage Academics at (781) 996-0481,,

See you this Sunday!

Guangsong and Ling

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