Registration Procedure for Fall 2014

NCLS Registration Procedure, Tuition, Registration and Book Fees

Registration for Fall 2014 semester will start on Thursday, May 15. There will be three stages for registration:

1. “Moving Up” Period: 00:01 AM, 5/15/2014 ― 11:59 PM, 5/28/2014, Registration only open to current in-school students.

(1) Leveled Classes (Chinese and Math)
All current in-school students can only register into the “moving up” classes for all of the Chinese classes and Math classes. For example, if you are currently in 1st grade class A, you can only register 2nd grade class A (neither other grade nor 2nd grade class B or C or D). If you are currently in Math 4, you can only register Math 5 (not other Math classes).

(2) Non Leveled Classes (all other classes except Chinese and Math)
The current students can register non-leveled classes during the “moving up” period, but only to the current classes they are taking this semester.
Our registration system doesn’t allow you to register classes other than the moving-up one for the leveled classes or your current class for non-leveled classes.  At the same time, the school will guarantee your seat in these classes for you during this period. All new classes, such as K-grade classes will be closed for the registration during this period.

Here are moving-up details:
All Chinese classes will move up accordingly;
All math classes will move up accordingly;
Wang Laoshi K-grade: 学前班 甲班-2 Language (K Grade -A2) moves up to 学前班 甲班 Language, K Grade – A        Other k-grade students moving to 1st grade, the registration starts on 5/29. 

All other classes only open to current in-class students.

2. “Change Class” Period: 00:01 AM 5/29/2014 ― 11:59 PM of 6/4/2014. Registration only opens to current in-school students.

All classes will open to current in-school students for registration, and no seat will be held in any class. All new classes will also open for registration on “first come first serve” bases. All students can change their classes as long as the class you want to change to has vacancies. For example, if you are currently in 1st grade class A and you can change to 1st grade class B or C or D, you can do so during this period. All new classes will open to in-school students only.

New class list:
Ma Liping Chinese first grade – 2nd class period

Happy Chinese  II – 2nd period class (《快乐汉语》 for students from non-Chinese-speaking background

Adult Beginner Chinese – 2nd class period

Chinese Flute  –  2nd class period

演讲和主持人培训班 – 2nd class period

Latin and tap dance Exercise – 2nd class period

成人形体健美 Adult Fitness Exercise – 1st class period


3. “Open Registration” Period: Start 00:01 AM 6/5/2014 – 11:59 PM of 9/7/2014, registration opens to all students

During this period, the registration will open to anyone if there are vacancies in the classes.

*All class schedules subject to change according to the availability of teachers and class rooms and the number of students registered in the class.
*The teacher assignments are subject to change according to their availabilities and the school’s needs.

Tuition and Registration Fee
Tuition per semester: first class only: $165; second class only: $145; both classes: $275. This price applies to both children and adult classes.

Tuition for the senior classes per semester: $50.
The cost for textbooks is NOT included in the tuition.

Registration fee is $10 per family account, but it is waived if all account balance is paid on or before June 12, 2014.

Online Tuition Payment
You may pay the tuition online with credit/debit card and/or payPal! Please read the online payment step-by-step instruction, it is very helpful.

Please follow the system prompt after you finish the class election and ready to pay. Please note: the deadline for waiving the registration fee is June 12, 2014.

Please refer to the online payment FAQ page for common questions:

Book Order
The textbook for Chinese classes will not be covered in the tuition. Same as previous years, book fee will no longer to be optional and needed to be paid at the same time with tuition.
Following are the prices for textbooks for different class:

《中文》: $10 (including text book and homework books)
Maliping Chinese: $60
Kindergarten: $30
Math Grade 4-5: $27
Math Grade 6-7: $11
Math Grade 8-9: $20

Note that if you don’t want a book for a class, before you make your payment, please send an email to <>. We will remove the book from your account.

NCLS does allow you to return the textbook. Here are the procedures:

1. Before the first day of school, one can change/cancel class with full refund (including both tuition and book fee).
2. At and after first day of school, we will only refund the tuition. No book fee is refunded in the registration system. To return the book, you need to bring the book to school administration. If the book is deemed to be in a good condition for resale (no damage, including not written, no wrinkle, smear…), you will receive refund on the book.
3. No book return will be allowed two weeks after the school is open; even the book is purchased at second week of the school.

Book Distribution
This year, we will distribute books to students in their classroom on Sunday 6/15 if the tuition is paid in full by 6/12 noon. Otherwise, you will need to come to the library to pick up on the first school day 9/7/2014.

Any questions, please send an email to <>.

NCLS Admin