NCLS Weekly Newsletter 22-May-2014

Dear Parents,

There is no class this coming Sunday 5/25.  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

We have a few reminders:

  1. Online payment for fall registration – If you paid the NCLS tuition by your credit card, the transaction will show on your credit card statement as “PayPal – NCLS”. In case you withdraw your classes, please use the school’s registration system to withdraw your classes, and we will send the refund check to you.  Please DO NOT charge back through your credit card; otherwise, you will be responsible for the chargeback fee of $20.

  2. Reminder of School Rules: As we are approaching the end of the school year, we understand that students may get more excited.  However, we wanted to remind all parents and students of our school rules and policy.  We had another incident of damaging Day School teacher’s property, second similar incident in a row. Please remind your child to follow the classroom and school rules and respect the school property.

  3. We also noticed that some banana peels were trashed in RECYCLING BIN in a classroom. Please note that eating in classroom is not allowed and  you should not trash food waste in recycling bin.

Please don’t forget to do the fall registration.  The registration procedure link:

 See you all on June 1st.

Guangsong and Ling

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