NCLS Weekly Newsletter 5-June-2014

Dear parents,

We have three more weeks to go before the summer break.  Most of our students are busy preparing the final exam for their Chinese classes.  We know it’s a busy time, but it’s also a rewarding time after one semester’s hard work. Let ‘s cheer for our kids getting closer to the finish line.

1.  Here is the review material for regular ZhongWen class final exam.  Please print out a copy for your child and bring it to the review class:

2. Our fall registration is in the third stage now:  starting 6/5, the registration opens to anyone if there are vacancies in the classes.

3. Textbook Distribution:   If you pay the tuition before June 12, the $10 registration fee will be waived. In addition, students will get their new textbook in classroom on 6/15  if you pay before June 12.  We strongly recommend you to do so, as you can avoid waiting in line to get the textbook on the first day of school (you can imagine how busy it will be for the first day of school).  You may pay the tuition online with credit/debit card and/or payPal!  Please read the online payment step-by-step instruction, it is very helpful.

4.    If you do not need the textbook, please send an email to  to remove the book from tuition. Please include your login ID in this email.

5.    Seminar:   聚焦现在,规划未来 (Building a Better Retirement with Guaranteed Future Income) 

Date:   6/8/2014 Time:3:45pm-5:00pm  Place:   Room #227

The outline of the speech will talk about strategies as following:

·         Six Key Areas of Capital Accumulation and Protection

·         Challenges Retirees May Face Today

·         Strategies for Generating Retirement Income

Speaker: Jing Wang*, CLU® M.S.   Financial Advisor Agent

Eagle Strategies LLC,   New York Life Insurance Company

201 Jones Rd, 5th Floor      Waltham MA 02453

Office: 781-398-8601   Cell: 617-331-7820


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