NCLS Weekly Newsletter 9-Jan-2014

Dear parents,

This coming Sunday 1/12 all regular Zhong Wen classes (excluding Ma Liping Chinese) will have final exam review.  1/19 is the final exam day.  Here are the review links:秋季一年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季二年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季三年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季四年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季五年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季六年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季七年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季八年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季九年级期末考试复习题.pdf秋季十年级期末考试复习题.pdf

*In School Chinese New Year Performance: This coming Sunday 1/12  2-5pm

we will have our in school Chinese New Year performance at the auditorium.  All families are invited to enjoy the performance and celebrate the tradition holiday with us.  For class that do not have performance, the teacher may hold the regular class on that day.

*Out of School Chinese New Year Gala:  1/18    7pm  Newton North High

今年的春晚中文学校特地从纽约请来了专业杂技师为大家表演精彩的互动杂技,多彩的节目,华丽的舞台将会给大家带来过年的喜悦!晚会组委会对总体时间也有了很有效的掌控。 牛顿中文学校庆新年晚会欢迎您和我们一起共渡欢乐时光。
演出地址:457 WALNUT ST ,NEWTON,MA 02460 (牛顿北高中礼堂)


票价:$3      售票地点:中文学校图书馆 或 Email 田毅老师 to reserve the ticket.


We hope you can come to enjoy the wonderful performance and celebrate the Chinese New Year with us!

Guangsong and Ling

1. Call for Donation:

朱福蓉老师成人唱歌班的Lisa Ma (马聪)unfortunately died in a car accident on 12/14 of 2013 in Florida (on her way for a holiday vacation).  Along with her in the car were her mother, her uncle and her cousin.  All four were killed in this fatal crash.  This is a very tragic accident. Please see the accident info in this link:

As a loving community, NCLS calls for a donation to her family.  You can make donations by sending a check to the following address:  CAAL, “CAAL DBA Ma/Sun Family Relief Fund,” PO Box 453, Lexington, MA  02420. Or use to send money via Paypal. In the  purpose field, enter “Ma/Sun Family Relief Fund”.

2. 新英格兰华人专业人士2014春节联欢及社区论坛


此活动将于2月1日星期六下午1点至11点在Newton市的Marriott宾馆举行(地址2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466)。票价:1月15日前购票60元,学生票价40元。 1月15日之后75元。



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