NCLS Weekly Newsletter 25-February-2016

Dear Parents:

The two weeks vacation time just passed, hope you and family had a wonderful and relaxed break. The school will resume this coming Sunday, 2/28/2016.

-Speech Contest

今年校内的比赛仍分为演讲比赛朗诵比赛两部分。根据美东中文学会(ACS)和新英格兰中文学会(NEACS)的规定,演讲比赛的题目可以自定,但不得抄袭书报杂志或网路文章 朗诵比赛可选用他人的作品,不限制题目内容。所有比赛必须在规定的两分三十秒三分钟之内完成。低于或超过这个时间都将被扣除一定的分数。校内比赛报名截止日为3月13,过后将不再接受申请。比赛日期定于32027两日。学校将选出7名具有丰富教学经验的中文课老师组成比赛裁判组。有关比赛的具体事宜学校会在报名截止后通知参赛学生的家长。参赛学生将根据年龄分为三个组:低年级组六至八岁)中年级组九至十二岁);高年级组十三至十八岁)If you are interested to sign your child to the competition, please go to the following link to download the registration form.  You can also get the form in the school library. After you fill out the form, please submit to your child’s Chinese teacher.  Same as last year, all candidates who are going to participate the competition will be selected from school speech contest.牛顿中文学校演讲朗诵比赛报名表.pdf

-Recruiting Temp School Journal Assistant

Newton Chinese School Journal has been an very important archive to reflect all kinds of school events and teaching activities, and has become very popular and an important information resources.

Right now, we are seeking an individual for Spring semester 2016, who is willing to and capable of covering school activities and events by taking photos (or videos), and writing reports for the school journal, as well as working as team player with other members of the Department of Communications. If you have interest, please send email to the Director of Department of Communications, Ding, Liang:

-Newton Chinese Cultural Festival

The 2nd Newton Chinese Cultural Festival will be hosted by Newton Chinese Language School(NCLS) and Chinese American Association of Newton(CAAN) on March 12, 2015, at Newton City Hall from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please join us to celebrate this great event. The admission is free.

If your kid has interest to apply for PVSA and want to be volunteer for this event, please visit the following link:, then click:

After the form pop up, fill the requested information, select school event -3, (Newton Chinese Cultural Festival, Newton City Hall, March 12, 2016), after you are done, please click the submit.

-Yard Sale 

The annual craft fair/yard sale will be held in NCLS on Sunday, March 6, 2016. This year’s craft fair include a yard sale and bake sale. The items are sold based on what you want to pay except those labeled with specific price. All proceeds go to 2016 Support Education Program (支教). Unsold items will send to local charities/churches. If you have any questions, please

See more detail below:

Craft Fair 2016 Fundraising for 2016 NCLS Support Education Program

How you can help:

• Donate your gently used household items and clothing such as toys, decorations, paintings, crafts, paper cuts, sculptures, wallets, scarf, pottery, electronics, clothes, shoes, children’s books, CDs, sportswear, kitchenware

• Donate a cake or any types of bakery for bake sale

• Register for business booth to service the community

• Come to the fair and buy the yard sale items, art pieces or bake goods

• Items for donation should be brought to school cafeteria before 1:30pm on 3/6

• Parents on duty or volunteers can help with donation sale

Where: F.A Day Middle School Cafeteria, NCLS.

When: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 1:30 pm -5:00 pm 2016 年义卖 时间:二零一六年三月六日,1:30pm – 5:00pm 地点:F. A. Middle School 餐厅 (NCLS) 捐赠各种使用过的,但仍然有价值的艺术品,装饰品,日常生活用品,陶瓷器具,电子产品,衣 物鞋帽,玩具,儿童书籍,厨房用具,运动用品, 光碟,录像带, 或其他。请将捐赠物标上你 的估价,送到 F. A. Day Middle School 餐厅, 由我们的工作人员卖出去。所得额全部交 NCLS 支 教项目。未售出的物件送去慈善机构。 欢迎商家摆摊设点。注册费将归 NCLS 支教项目,营业利润则属于业主。



Li and Ming







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