NCLS Weekly Newsletter 11-February-2016

Dear Parents:

Happy Chinese New Year!

Due to winter break, NCLS won’t have school on 2/14 and 2/21. Hope everybody have a safe and relax break. The school will resume on 2/28.

-On Campus Chinese New Year Gala

On 1/31, the on-campus Chinese New Year Gala was successfully ended with the host by NCLS event committee and PCC. Thanks a lot for all students and teachers who did the fantastic performance, MCs, admin staff and volunteers who have been working tirelessly and tried the very best to support this event, make this Gala an unforgettable event to all of us.

-Speech Contest

Our annual Speech Competition is around the corner.  Please read the following competition description carefully, there are some minor changes  for this year’s competition format.

今年校内的比赛仍分为演讲比赛朗诵比赛两部分。根据美东中文学会(ACS)和新英格兰中文学会(NEACS)的规定,演讲比赛的题目可以自定,但不得抄袭书报杂志或网路文章 朗诵比赛可选用他人的作品,不限制题目内容。所有比赛必须在规定的两分三十秒三分钟之内完成。低于或超过这个时间都将被扣除一定的分数。校内比赛报名截止日为36日。比赛日期目前定于32027两日。如果报名人数较多43日宜可作为比赛日。学校将选出7名具有丰富教学经验的中文课老师组成比赛裁判组。有关比赛的具体事宜学校会在报名截止后通知参赛学生的家长。参赛学生将根据年龄分为三个组:低年级组六至八岁)中年级组九至十二岁);高年级组十三至十八岁)If you are interested to sign your child to the competition, please go to the following link to download the registration form.  You can also get the form in the school library. After you fill out the form, please submit to your child’s Chinese teacher.  Same as last year, all candidates who are going to participate the competition will be selected from school speech contest.牛顿中文学校演讲朗诵比赛报名表.pdf

-Recruiting Temp School Journal Assistant

Newton Chinese School Journal has been an very important archive to reflect all kinds of school events and teaching activities, and has become very popular and an important information resources.

Right now, we are seeking an individual for Spring semester 2016, who is willing to and capable of covering school activities and events by taking photos (or videos), and writing reports for the school journal, as well as working as team player with other members of the Department of Communications. If you have interest, please send email to the Director of Department of Communications, Ding, Liang:

-Community News

-KTByte Computer Academy

Based in Lexington, MA, KTByte Computer Academy ( strives to develop and deliver the highest quality computer science programs to students ages 9 to 18. We offer competition and AP test preparation classes as well as fundamental introduction classes in both school sessions and break sessions. Courses are available in person or online. KTByte emphasizes on developing young students’ interests in computer science, which has bloomed into their achievements.Our students have placed 26 silver and 11 gold divisions of USACO competition (USA Computing Olympiad). Nine KTByte students have been accepted to MIT PRIMES. All of KTByte’s students who have taken AP computer science tests received the full score of 5. For more information please check out our website and our recent newsletter at: You’re welcome to contact us at or (818)748-8848.


Massachusetts Table Tennis and Badminton Club(MATTBC) is the largest professional Table Tennis and Badminton club in great Boston area. The main coach of table tennis,​ Haidong (Helen) Tao  is former Chinese Women National Team Member, former Coach of Japanese Women National Team, former Head Coach of Beijing Shi-Cha-Hai Sport School. The main coach of Badminton, Qiuli Wang is former Head Coach of Beijing Badminton Team. If you have interest to find club for your kid or for yourself, please visit the follow website:


Li and Ming



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