NCLS Weekly Newsletter 12-Nov-2015

Dear Parents:

-Classroom management

Early this week, we have received two reports from Day school teachers to complain the chairs and desks in classroom 211 and 319 were rearranged.  This is absolutely not allowed. We will lose the classroom if we continue receive the complaints from Day school, this also may result in the closure of the class. Your help and support to the classroom management will be highly appreciated. Please go through the following rule with your kids.

Classroom rule: All students have to follow the NCLS classroom rule, respect teacher/TA and your classmates, touch and removal of teaching facility that belong to Day middle school is not allowed, all chairs and desks have to be put the original positions after the class if they were relocated  (教室规章制度:所有学生必须遵守课堂纪律,尊敬老师,助教和同学。未经批准,不得使用教室里的任何教具, 课堂桌椅必须放回原处)

-Business activity not allowed in school

In order to create a safe and good learning environment for NCLS students, based on the school policy, any business activities are not allowed during school time.

-Writing Contest

Qiaobao has postponed the deadline for writing contest by two weeks.  The Xingguangbei school-wide contest is postponed accordingly.  Please submit your essays by November 26.

Questions may be sent to the organizer via email or messaging.

Details of the contest may be found at:



Date: Nov 15, 2015

Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm

Place: Room #227

Speaker: Jing Wang, CLU®, MS

Title of the topic: Give a Child you love a Unique Gift

Short introduction of topic:

For many, the American Dream means that each generation will do better than the last. You can help fulfill that dream by giving your child a financial leg up with a permanent cash value life insurance policy which can be designed to help them pay for college, buy their first home, or start planning for their retirement – even before they start working. While gifts of toys and clothes are quickly outgrown, a whole life policy grows as your grandchild grows, giving them a head start towards a successful financial future. Welcome to the workshop to see how great the gift is for your child. The workshop will be held in Chinese.

Short introduction of speaker:

Since 2003, Jing has provided customized solutions to clients in the area of personal planning, business succession, retirement and estate planning, asset management1 as well as other personal or business financial needs. She helps the clients to crystallize the financial objectives and assists them in implementing a plan to accomplish those by advising them on asset protection, retirement income, legacy transfer, as well as the business succession challenges faced by family-owned business and professionals, who demand a high level of dedicated and specialized personal attention and services.

For more info, please contact:

 Name: Jing Wang

Phone: 617-331-7820


Or visit website:

-Lego Expo

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Li and Ming

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