NCLS Weekly Newsletter 5-Nov-2015

Dear Parents:

-Mid-term Exam

The Chinese Classes (JiNan text books, 1st – 10th grade) will have mid-term exams this Sunday (11/8), please remind your kids get to the classrooms on time.

For Ma Liping Chinese classes, please pay more attention to the teacher’s email in near future, the mid-term exam will be on 11/22.

-Classroom Management

On Nov 1, there is one NCLS student broke a vase in classroom 316, the school principal and admin took it very seriously, and sent the email to Day school principal and room teacher to apologize what our student did. In order to avoid such kind of thing happening in future, please educate your kids at home, don’t touch any things which belong to Day school, otherwise, we will lose the classroom one by one. Please go through with your kid the NCLS student conduct rule (click the following link), We appreciate your cooperation and support.

-Writing contest

由侨报举办的第四届美东青少年儿童作文比赛截稿期迫近。请有意参加比赛者勿忘及时投稿, 详情请见.

欢迎有意培养读书与写作兴趣爱好的家庭加入我们的写作微信群。扫描QRCode 加入。

The first twenty families who join us will get free tickets to the Greater Boston Youth Symphony 5th concert.

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 -SEMINARDate: Nov 8, 2015

Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm

Place: Room #227

Speaker:才腾创始人 Neil Chyten

Title of the topic:
The New Role of Standardized Tests in Admission to America’s Elite Universities

Short introduction of topic:
The role of standardized tests in college admissions is changing.  While some colleges are going “test optional,” others rely more than ever on the scores, subscores, and writing samples they receive from the testing agencies. While some colleges give you the option of sending scores or not, no college will reject scores if you send them. Thus, sending high test scores to test-optional schools can provide you with a significant competitive advantage.  It is also important to understand the other factors that are highly significant in earning admissions into competitive colleges across America.  College admissions and testing expert Neil Chyten comes to NCLS on Sunday, November 8 at 3:45 to discuss these and other factors that can help your child earn admission to America’s elite colleges.

Short introduction of speaker:
Neil Chyten began tutoring in 1984. In 1999, he opened the first Chyten Educational Services Center in Newton Massachusetts. His philosophy as a tutor is the same as it is as a business owner, you should only expect 100% of others if you give 100% of yourself. Since 1984, Neil has written several study manuals and teachers guides. These are the books used by Chyten’s tutors and Education Centers nationwide. He has had the pleasure of training literally thousands of students and hundreds of tutors. His goal is to build the best private education company in America.

Neil Chyten 是一位杰出的教育策略和共同核心标准专家。他是考试备考专业人士中的榜样,在1984年开始了他的职业生涯,成功建立了他自己的学习中心和遍布全美的分校。Neil永远走在如SAT, ACT, ISEE/SSAT考试和其他考试创新策略的前沿。他是考试备考策略领域的美国领军专家,Neil本人亲自编写了考试备考类书籍,同时也和其他编者联合编写了其他教材。Neil本人早期成功的教育生涯为他s顺利跨越东西海岸建立教育中心奠定了坚实的基础。


Li and Ming


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