NCLS Weekly Newsletter 2-Jan-2014

Dear parents,

Happy New Year! Hope all families enjoyed the holiday.

Our school will resume class this coming Sunday 1/5.  The spring registration will open to all current school students on 1/5. Please keep in mind that you still need to register even if your child stay in the same classes for spring semester.

The tickets for the upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration Gala will be sold at our school this Sunday.  Each ticket costs $3.  The Gala is @7 pm  1/18 Saturday at Newton North High.  We hope you can attend this wonderful event to celebrate the Year of Horse with our community.

See you all this coming Sunday.  Stay warm and safe.

Guangsong and Ling


Community News:

Seminar:  新概念语言记忆教室       一款确保您牢牢记住中文文字的电脑软件系统 Date: Jan 5, 2014  3:45 pm  Room: 207

Speaker: 陈和平

★系统介绍     本系统是一款易于使用的电脑语言听写程序,声音和文字并茂,是中文词语的记忆利器。使用本系统将确保您不仅认识、会读,还会正确地书写中文词语。善加利用,多多使用,本系统是课堂教学的必要补充,绝对物超所值。本系统所含学习内容按客户要求量身定造,可以是教材、各类书籍、甚至是广播电视的录音内容。欢迎您前来了解、观摩和提出宝贵的改进意见。

★联系我们         地址:17 Henshaw Street, #2D, Brighton MA 02135 (Brighton Center,警察局后面,二楼)。电话:(857) 312-0769

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