NCLS Weekly Newsletter 14-Nov-2013

Dear parents,

This week’s newsletter covers the following topics:

Chinese New Year Celebration Program Submission:

As the winter holiday season getting closer, we are planning several big events for our NCLS community.  Besides the recently announced Thanksgiving party for NCLS families, the other two big events are the Chinese New Year celebration inside the school on 1/12/2014 and outside at Newton North High on 1/18/14.  Every year, we want to plan well ahead to ensure that we have successful celebration events.  This year is no exception.  We would like parents to submit programs for these two events now.  Please use the following link for submission. Please note that the submission deadline is 12/14.  We are looking forward to having many wonderful performances.

 Adult Leaders Recruitment Announcement – Support Education Program 

In April vacation, students group of Supporting Education Plan is going to visit Chong-Ren-Yi-Zhong(江西崇仁一中), our partner school of year 2013-2014, in Jiangxi , China . The Support Education Plan working committee is looking for two adult leaders for this trip. The requirements for adult leader are posted in school web site, and all teachers and administration staff in NCLS are welcome to apply. The adult leader’s responsibilities include being with the group for the entire trip (4/21 to 4/25, 2014) and leading all activities during the stay in Chong-Ren-Yi-Zhong. Experiences of working with teenagers are preferred.  If you are interested, please contact Education Support team at:

Auditorium will not be available this Sunday

We were just notified by Day school that they will have musical rehearsal in the auditorium from 1-5pm this Sunday.  For Adult Aerobic Exercise, the class will move to the 2nd floor gym this Sunday.  Children Chinese Folk Dance class will move to outside of the auditorium.  A separate email will be sent out to students and teachers for these classes. 

Talent Show Certificate Pick Up

We had a successful talent show on 11/3.  There is a certificate for each student performer, you can pick it up at the library this Sunday. 


Title:          How to Get into America’s Top Colleges

It will be aimed at parents with students of all ages.

Nov 17, 2013, Sunday            3:45 pm – 5 pm                  Room: # 207

Speaker: Nationally renowned Industry Insider and Author         Founder and President of Chyten Educational Services.         

                    Neil Chyten

Since we are located in Newton and not too far from your school, we feel that the opportunity to share knowledge and resources is significant, and we look forward to working with you to help your students reach the highest levels of success


See you this Sunday!

Guangsong and Ling




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