NCLS Weekly News Letter 11/03/2011

Dear NCLS parents:

     This year’s Daylight Savings Time will end on this Sunday, November 6. Please adjust your clock accordingly.

     Due to the snow storm, NCLS was cancelled last Sunday. We will have a make up day on January 15th. We would like you to know that the decision of the school cancellation was made by the City of Newton based on the weather condition. NCLS is always doing its best to find out the information from the city as early as it can be and send out the cancellation notes to Parents’ emailing list.

    As a result of last week’s  class cancellation, a few changes were made accordingly:

1. For 《中文》 classes, the midterm exam was postponed to November 13th. This week will be for the review lesson. Since we are going to make copies for the test papers for next week, the copy machines will be occupied by this job on Sunday. Please print out the review material at home before coming to school. The links to the review materials can be found in our 10/20/2011 Weekly News Letter.

2. Newton School Committee Election Forum has been moved to this Sunday, November 6 and it will take place in the cafeteria during the first class time (2:00-3:30 PM). This will be a good opportunity for our parents to listen to these candidates and share with them you concern for our children’s school education.  If you want learn more about these candidates, please watch their video self-introduction via the following link:  Click on the name and then the related video clip.

    To help our school better prepared for this forum, please send your specific questions or concerns for the Newton School Committee and/or any of these candidates to the Forum coordinator, Anping Shen, at

3. For parents that have signed up for the parent-duty on Sunday, October 30th, your duty has been moved to January 15th. Those who had signed up duties for November 6th, please come to report to PCC as usual.

     The holiday season of 2011 is around the corner. As one of the traditions at NCLS, there will be a Thanksgiving party to celebrate this special day. You will enjoy the performance by various NCLS performing arts classes and students. From singing to dancing, from YOYO playing to poem reciting, a full list of program will present you endless excitement, happiness, joy and thanksgiving. Kids from all ages can participate in games and get a small gift. For ballroom dance fans, it is the chance to heat up the floor and show your moves. It will be a night packed with fun and laughter for the whole family. We welcome you and your family to come and join us for this special night.

When: November 19, 2011 7pm

Place: ACAS ActivityCenter,29 Montvale Ave, Woburn, MA 01801

Ticket: $10/person, $20/family

For more details, please see

Tickets will be on sale this Sunday.

Thank you.

NCLS Admin

“牛顿中文学校系列财务知识讲座” has been posponed to next week

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