NCLS Weekly Newsletter 14-January-2016

Dear Parents:

-Final Exam Review

According to the school calendar, this coming Sunday, 1/17,  Chinese classes (暨南教材) will have fall semester final exam review.  Please print out a copy at home and bring it on Sunday.  Please note that the school does not copy review material for students. The final exam will be on the last day of Fall 2015 semester, 1/24.


The spring registration is still on and enter into the 3rd period, open to all students including new families. Please follow the registration procedure and register as early as possible. Please note you will get registration fee ($10) waiver if you pay the tuition on or before the January 18th.

-NCLS Chinese New Year Spring Gala

2016 Newton Chinese School Spring Gala will be on January 30, 7:00-9:30 PM, the address: Final Art Center Regis College, 235 Wellesley St, Weston  MA. The finely selected programs include NCLS classes and also some state well known performers. You and your family are very welcome to attend this  great event. The ticket selling will be on 1/17, 1/24 at school Library.


The real winter is coming, the weather and road condition will become worse, please pay extra attention during pick up and drop off your kids, safety has always been the top priority to all of us.

-Community News

I would like to share with you a very exciting news,  the Chinese American Association of Newton(CAAN): was founded recently, and will host the Chinese New Year party on 2/6, Saturday. Please read the following invitation letter and register as early as possible.



      中国传统节日春节快到了,借此佳节,牛顿华人协会成立聚会将于2月6日周六晚5:30pm– 8:30pm在Newton Center举行。请牛顿的华裔居民和商家踊跃参加。聚会的晚餐(6-7pm)里大家将品尝到各家烹调的和当地中餐馆定做的美食,会上还能欣赏本地文艺爱好者和团体演出的节目。我们欢聚一堂迎新春,体验快乐温暖的大家庭气氛。聚会上,我们也将向各位介绍牛顿华人协会,包括各位义工和协会服务构思,并征求大家对牛顿华人协会发展壮大的高见和协作。

     为了组织好聚会,我们需要预先知道参会的人数和有关信息。请计划参加者在2月5日前点击下面链接: 到报名网页填表,告知您的名字,电子邮箱,联系电话,参加人数以及是否带食品。为了协助支付聚会的有关费用,到时请参会者在会场入口处付少许入场费:成人每人$5,65岁以上老人和学生每人$2,6岁以下儿童免费。请每家烹调并且带来份量足够你们家人饱餐一顿的食品。如您没带食物或没有达到要求,请在入口处付餐费:成人和高中以上的学生每人$10,小学和初中学生每人$5,6岁以下儿童免费。



期盼与各位相会于2月6日周六晚5:30pm– 8:30pm!



Li and Ming


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