NCLS Weekly Newsletter 9-9-2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school. This Sunday (9/13) will be  the  first day of school.  Here are a few very important notes and reminders for all of  you:

  1. Traffic and Parking:

Since large volume of traffic will be entering Day school, it will be busy  and exciting day for all of us.  Therefore,  to avoid any chaos and maintain the good order and our student’s safety will become  the top priority. In order to achieve this goal,  it will be very important to follow the school rule, especially to follow the traffic control and parking guidance.  If you are new students family and not sure about the school direction or parking place,  please visit the following link  and  check where you can park. website:

Here are two important points:

  • Since Day school has very limited parking space surrounding the main building, NCLS offer parking tag only for teachers and admin staff, if you don’t have a school parking tag, please don’t enter Minot Place.  To avoid any potential traffic jam at the entrance to Minot Place, please don’t drop off students at the entrance to Minot Place.
  • The designated drop-off and pick-up area will be the Albermarle Road parking area behind the school field. Students and parents can walk across the field to the school. Another big parking lot that is closed to Day school is Newton School Department’s parking lot on Crafts Street. If you drive onto Walnut Street, then take left turn to Linwood Ave if you are from North, take right turn to Linwood Ave if you are from south, then take your next right turn to Crafts St., the parking lot is little down the road on your right. It will take around 5 mins walking to Day school building. If you are going to park along the street, make sure your car won’t block the residents driveway.
  1. Entering Classroom Time

It’s very important for all of parents to check what is your kids classroom number. We also will put the classrooms list at the entrance of building.

From this coming new school year, NCLS will have three time slots, the 1st class will be from 12:30 – 1:45 pm, Students should enter the classroom no earlier than 12:15 pm. For the 2nd class, from 2:00 – 3:30 pm, the majority Chinese classes are in this slot,  students shouldn’t enter the classroom no earlier than 1:45 pm, as this is the  arrival time for our teachers and teaching assistants.  If you arrive the school before 1:45pm, please stay at the cafeteria until then.  If you notice that no teacher or TA at the classroom after 1:45pm.  For the 3rd class, from 3:40 – 5:00 pm. Students should enter the classroom after the previous class is over. Our classroom management policy requires that students need to be attended while in the classroom.

  1. Classroom management

Under the agreement between Day school and NCLS, all teaching materials that belong to Day school, NCLS students are not allowed to use. All chairs have to be put back to original position after the class. All computers and books in Library are not allowed to use.

4. Book distribution

If you have paid your tuition but have not gotten the textbook, you will receive the book on first day.  Here is the procedure:

– For kindergarten students only, we will send the book to the classroom, so teachers will distribute the book in the class.

– For all other students, please pick up the book in the library. In order to get the book quickly and avoid long waiting line, please print the book pickup slip at home and bring the book pickup slip to book distribution desk. After PCC scanned your slip, you will get the book.  You can follow the link below to print out the pickup slip by yourself at home:

Please remember to check your classroom in the system before you come to school.  We have recently switched some classrooms, so the classroom number may change since the last time you checked.  If you have any registration related questions, please stop by our desk at the library.

5. 1st day class

Generally, on the 1st day of school year, all class teachers welcome parents to sit in the classroom. The teachers will give a brief introduction of her/his class, and  what goal will be achieved at the end of semester, etc.

6. Registration

The registration is still on. If you have not paid your tuition, please either pay online or send a check when school start.

Thanks and see you all on Sunday




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