NCLS Weekly Newsletter 8-Jan-2015

Dear Parents:

Happy New Year! Hope all of you had a happy and relaxed holiday break.  NCLS will resume this coming Sunday (1/11/2015).

– Final Exam Review:   On 1/18  Chinese classes (not including Ma Liping Chinese) will have fall semester final exam.  Here are the review material.  Please print out a copy at home and bring it on Sunday.  We will have review class.  Please note that the school does not copy review material for students.

– Spring Registration

The registration for Spring 2015 is still on for current students. If you make a payment before 1/18/2015, you will get registration fee waiver.  Please see detailed spring registration procedure here:

– New Classes for spring semester : Chyten classes

This coming spring semester, Newton Chinese school will form a partnership with Chyten (  to offer couple of classes at the time period 12:30-1:45pm on Sundays.  The class fee is $265/semester.  If you would like to register your child to the classes, please come to the library to register.  These classes will not be shown in the system.

1.   Shark Tank, Jr.:  two levels  2nd – 3rd grade,     4th -5th  grade

In Shark Tank Jr. students play the role of young entrepreneurs as they start with the germ of an idea for a product and business then take it through the entire entrepreneurial process. Students will be working to formulate a business plan, devise a marketing strategy and understand the concepts of wages and profits. The class concludes with our young executives pitching their ideas to a celebrity panel of “sharks”. These young executives will really be taking care of business!

2. Imagination Authors:  two levels   2nd – 3rd grade,     4th -5th  grade

In Imagination Authors Chyten teachers foster a love of writing by helping students write and publish their own real book! Teachers continually guide the students, providing contextual lessons on writing techniques.  Chyten instructors then synthesize the collective works into one class-wide novel. Each class designs a fantasy world that includes major and minor characters, settings and locales and plot twists. At the end of the course, the students receive their first real novel—published, bound and signed by our Imagination Authors.

-IT admin staff recruit

We are looking for an enthusiastic IT admin staff who can support our school’s IT needs. Here are some qualifications we are looking for:

* Perl programming experience
* Web programming experience
* General web technology and protocol knowledge
* Experience dealing with hosting sites and using control panel to manage a hosted web site
* MySQL programming experience
* MySQL administration experience
* PHP knowledge
* WordPress blog administration and usage experience
* Experience integrating with online payment system a plus

If anyone has the above experience and is willing to join NCLS admin team to serve our community, please either email or come to the library and talk to us.

-Chinese New Year Gala 2015 (1/31/2015)

NCLS is going to host 2015 Chinese New Year Gala on 1/31/2015 at Regis College (235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493) from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. During this biggest event, the performers from NCLS students, teachers, as well as some professional artists invited will present singing, dancing, and other programs. The ticket selling will start this Sunday at the library PCC desk, $3.00/each.

Community News


TIME: 3:45pm to 5:00pm
PLACE: Room #227
SPEAKER: Xinyan Lucy Liu, DMD, PhD
Title: Prevention and Treatments of Common Dental Diseases in Children and Adults  常见儿童和成人牙病的预防和治疗

1. 儿童和成人常见的牙病是什么?


3. 小孩子应当几岁开始看牙医? 什么时候开始刷牙用牙线和用含氟的漱口水?

4. 怎样防止小孩子的牙齿创伤?

5. 如果牙齿受了创伤折断或者脱落了怎么办?

6. 小孩子应当什么时候做牙齿矫正?

7. 成人为什么也需要做牙齿矫正?

8. 带矫正弓丝时怎样保持牙齿清洁?

9. 怎样预防牙龈出血和口臭?

10. 牙齿敏感和牙痛的常见原因是什么?

11. 为什么有人更容易得龋齿有人更容易患牙周病?

12. 应当选择什么样的牙刷牙膏和漱口水来预防蛀牙和牙龈炎?

13. 四环素牙染色的美白方案

14. 前牙牙缝过大又不想做牙齿矫正,该怎么关闭牙缝呢?

15. 牙齿缺失的主要原因和如何修复缺失牙?

16. 什么是种植牙? 为什么把种植牙称作人类的第三付牙齿?


Short introduction of topicS:
1. What are the common dental diseases in kids and adults?

2. What can parents do to prevent the diseases for kids of different ages?

3. When should kids start their 1st dental visit?  When to start brush/floss/fluoride use?

4. How to prevent teeth trauma?

5. What parents should do if teeth trauma occurs in kids?

6. When should kids start orthodontic braces?

7. Why should adults have orthodontic treatments and what are the treatment options?

8. What dental tools should be used to keep teeth and gum clean when they wear braces? 9. How to prevent gum bleeding and bad breath?

10. What are the common reasons of teeth sensitivity/pain?

11. Why some people are more prone to cavities vs gum diseases?

12. What toothbrushes/toothpastes/mouthwashes should be used to prevent cavities and gum diseases?

13. What are the common reasons of missing teeth of how to restore them?

14. What can be done to whiten tetracycline stained teeth without cosmetic make-over? 15. What can we do to close the diasma (big spaces between teeth) without orthodontic treatment?
16.  What are implants and why it is called people’s 3rd generation of teeth?

Please join us for the seminar if you are interested in these topics. Goody bags with toothpaste/mouth rinse will be given for the first 20 attendee. 

1995年毕业于北京大学(原北京医科大学)口腔医学院,同年留校在北京大学口腔医院做医生。2000年赴美。2005年获波士顿大学口腔生物学博士。2009年获得塔夫兹大学口腔临床博士,获新英格兰地区牙医执照。先后在私人诊所和华人社区医院牙科任全职主治医师,深受患者喜爱。2014年创立Beacon Family Dental, 致力于为大家提供细心热诚安全的高质量牙科服务。

Short introduction of speaker
Dr. Xinyan Lucy Liu graduated from Peking University Dental School, China (former Beijing Medical University School of Stomatology) in 1995. Afterward she was recruited by Peking University Hospital of Stomatology and worked there for 5 years until she come to U.S.  Dr. Liu graduated with a PhD degree on Oral Biology from Boston University in 2005 and with a DMD degree from the  prestigious Tufts University Dental School in 2009. Afterward, Dr. Liu worked 5 years as full time general dentist first at a nice private dental office and then at South Cove Community Center. Dr. Liu founded her own private office Beacon Family Dental (Brookline MA) in 2014 and strives to provide high quality caring dental care to her beloved patients.

For more info, please contact:

Name: Xinyan Lucy Liu, DMD, PhD
Phone: 617-728-6188

– Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) hosting Chinese New Year Gala

Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL), with Cary Memorial Library and the town of Lexington, is hosting a free Chinese New Year Festival this year on 1/24/2015. The festival will start first in the afternoon from 1:00pm to 3:30pm at Cary Memorial Library for a Chinese Culture Fair, featuring an artistic Chinese calligraphy demonstration, an interactive Chinese musical instrument exhibition, arts and crafts tables, and food sampling. In the evening, there will be a performance at Lexington High from 7:00pm – 9:00pm, with a range of entertaining and beautiful performances. The door opens at 6:30pm.   Best of all, both events are free of charge for all. Don’t miss it.

For more information, please visit


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